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DAAD Scholarships

DAAD Scholarships

Target audience
German students
Study period
1 - 12 months
Maximum allowance
On individual basis
Eligibility (level)
Eligibility (discipline)
Eligibility (field of study)
Application deadline
Year round

Scholarship description

The DAAD scholarship program for bachelor students is intended for German students who wish to pursue academic studies abroad. Scholarships are awarded to students for international studies at recognized universities abroad.

DAAD scholarships are awarded for one academic year. There are no specific academic discipline requirements. Applicants must write a letter of motivation, demonstrating convincingly the added value of studying abroad in relation to the individual course of study. Participation in an integrated or international degree course alone is not sufficient to justify the scholarship nomination. The choice of a particular foreign university and / or a particular foreign supervisor should be justified in detail. This is especially true if a stay is planned in Western Europe, as for studies in this region have a variety of other support options available.
Stipends may vary per person and per country.

For more information about the DAAD scholarship program, please refer to the scholarship website.


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