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Women Entrepreneurship Promotion

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Program description

The Women Entrepreneurship Promotion course provides female entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills necessary for giving the boost needed to gain better access to services.

How to design gender-aware policies and programs that enhance women’s participation and leadership in business in developing countries?

Promoting female entrepreneurship in developing countries is crucial in the fight against poverty. Our interactive program acquaints you with the main approaches for policy, program and project interventions in developing female entrepreneurship. We give you insights into the fundamentals of business development and market access for female entrepreneurs, providing examples of best practice in the management of gender-based entrepreneurship development policies. Being familiar with the main concepts of entrepreneurship and business management for women, you will be in a position to give female entrepreneurs the guidance and support they need.

If you are only interested in understanding the concepts and theoretical backgrounds of gender and entrepreneurship in the developing economy, then our one-week WEP Fast-Track program might be more interesting for you.

MSM and MC4Ecollaborate on fostering and boosting women’s entrepreneurship worldwide.

Why this program?
Every day women are starting new businesses. Whether small, medium or large scale, motivated by pure survival or self-satisfaction, female entrepreneurs are realizing ideas, generating income and creating employment opportunities for themselves and others. In recent years, women have surpassed men when it comes to starting new businesses (Minitti & Naudé, 2010) and female entrepreneurship has been recognized during the last decade as an important untapped source of economic growth. Investing in women entrepreneurs thus makes sound economic sense. Within this context, MSM has launched the Women Entrepreneurship Promotion (WEP) executive program. The program was designed in 2008 to generate a better understanding of the role of female entrepreneurship in economic development. It aims to support women entrepreneurship promoters who work in governments, development agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector. MSM’s ambition is to build their capacity and provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to give women entrepreneurs the boost they need.

Learning product and individual coaching
During the course, you are challenged to step into the shoes of a policy maker or program manager and write a concept note for a (to be developed) policy or program that successfully promotes women entrepreneurship in developing countries. Through individual and collective coaching, you will shape and refine your concept note and after three weeks you will go home with a ready-to-go Women’s Entrepreneurship Development concept note.

Fast Track Program
If you are seeking for a program in which you also get acquainted with the main approaches for policy tools and program instruments in the area of women entrepreneurship development, then our three-week WEP Special Edition program might be more interesting for you.


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