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Post disaster shelter provision and urban resilience

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10 days
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Institute for International Education

Program description

The Post disaster shelter provision and urban resilience course is intended for NFP Alumni from Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. The target participants are NFP alumni who are working in the field of urban management, housing and planning for local and central governments, NGOs, the private sector and universities. 

This refresher course aims to update participants’ knowledge, share views and experiences and bring forth the urban resilience agenda to manage the reconstruction and recovery processes specifically regarding shelter provision and housing development in the aftermath of natural and man-made calamities.

It will provide a platform for participants to discuss the challenges they face in their own work and the successes they have had with particular approaches in post-disaster shelter provision. 

Course curriculum:
Module 1:  Urban resilience, sustainable housing policy and planning (pro-active and adaptive)
Module 2:  Challenges to post disaster shelter provision
Module 3:  Contextualization and case studies of best and learning practices
Module 4: The role of vulnerable groups, particularly women in sustainable housing and post disaster shelter provision
Module 5: Debate on findings and recommendation to realize pro-active and adaptive sustainable housing policy, planning and implementation

The course utilizes a combination of learning methods such as lectures, pedagogical games, case studies, site visits to institutions and relevant projects, guest sessions from local practitioners, presentation of papers by participants, and group work.

Language: All background and course materials will be delivered in English.

Admission requirements: A motivation statement expressing how the course will contribute to one’s professional development, and when applicable the link of  past and/or current professional experience and academic research in one or more of the main themes of the course. 

Admission requirements

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