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Introduction to International Tax Law: Fundamental

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5 weeks
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Netherlands Government
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Research University

Program description

This introduction in International Tax Law consists out of four sections.

The first part of the Fundamentals course is the 'Introduction to international tax law'. It provides an overview of the basics of international tax jurisdiction and of (the relief of) juridical and economic double taxation. The second part of the Fundamentals course focuses on basic concepts of income taxation - another topic in respect of which students may have quite different backgrounds, as the taxation course(s) they have taken in their home country may be too focused on their particular domestic tax system to provide an adequate basis for the great many different aspects of (international) taxation that they will be dealing with in the Program. The third part of the course deals with tax accounting. Experience of the past years has shown that many students arrive with different tax accounting backgrounds due to divergences in the accounting principles adopted worldwide. This course will harmonize such divergences at a higher level. The fourth part of the course (Selected international issues of corporate taxation) aims at familiarizing students with the international dimensions of selected advanced corporate tax issues.

Admission requirements

Previous education

Degree in law, accounting, economics, business administration or related field (see www.mastersinleiden.nl)

Professional experience


Knowledge minimum

See http://www.mastersinleiden.nl/programmes/llm_adv_international_tax_law.jsp and http://www.itc-leiden.nl

Language requirements

IELTS overall band: 7, TOEFL paper based: 600, TOEFL computer based: 250, TOEFL internet based: 100


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Share your thoughts on
studying abroad.

Join the study in the Netherlands facebook community!

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