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Sustainable Energy Technology - 3TU

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24 months
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Program description

The Sustainable Energy Technology program provides engineers with broad as well as in-depth knowledge in the field of energy technology and to provides the skills necessary to play a leading role and contribute to real progress.

People are becoming more aware of the effects of our global energy consumption. Our climate is changing which is (partly) caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Dealing with these two issues in such a way that our energy need does not destroy the planet is crucial for our existence here on earth. Deriving energy from sustainable sources will be essential

The Sustainable Energy Technology program aims to give engineers extensive knowledge and insights in the field of energy technology. The program is offered by the 3TU Federation, a consortium of the three universities of technology in the Netherlands: Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology and the University of Twente.

Students can choose from the following specializations:

- Energy from Biomass
- Solar Energy
- Wind Energy
- Sustainable Hydrogen
- Electrical Power Engineering
- Energy and Society

Energy from Biomass
Biomass is an example of an energy system based on renewable sources. This specialization focuses on global warming and biomass, conversion processes, conversion systems, and emissions. Student will learn about problems of energy supply technologies based on biomass thermochemical conversion processes.

Solar Energy
The Solar Energy specialization focuses on solar cells – advanced semiconductor devices as a new source of energy for the 21st century, which generate electricity from sunlight. Material selection, development and fabrication are discussed. The program also deals with other aspects of solar energy such as: product development.

Wind Energy
The Wind Energy specialization deals with the development and application of advanced technologies for wind power application. Attention is paid to: reliability of wind turbine and wind farm operations, structural aspects, and optimizing energy supply.

Sustainable Hydrogen
The Sustainable Hydrogen specialization deals with the transition to a sustainable energy future based on hydrogen. Students will learn about methods for sustainable and renewable hydrogen production.

Electrical Power Engineering
The Electrical Power Engineering specialization deals with topics like transformers, electric machines and power electronic devices. Other issues that are addressed include: the behaviour of the various components in relation to the generation and transport of power in the electricity grid.

Energy and Society
The Energy and Society specialization focuses on design of innovative systems in energy and industry, economy of future energy systems, market design, policy issues and technology assessment.

Core courses to Upgrade the Basic Knowledge and Introduce Key Concepts: Energy Sources, Supply and Consumption. Elective courses for Advanced Knowledge in the field of interest. Six focus areas for MSc thesis: Energy from Biomass; Solar Energy; Wind Energy; Sustainable Hydrogen; Electrical Power Engineering; Energy & Society.

Graduates will be able to apply the fundamentals of SET to provide technical solutions for SET-related problems, taking economic, social, environmental and ethical factors into account.

Admission requirements

Previous education

BSc in Mechanical, Chemical, Aerospace or Electrical Engineering; Applied Physics; Advanced Technology.

Professional experience

Not obligatory, but all relevant experience will be taken into account when assessing the candidate's ability for admission.

Knowledge minimum

See: www.tudelft.nl/msc

Language requirements

IELTS overall band: 6.5, TOEFL internet based: 90

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