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Strategic Innovation Management

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Program description

How to create an organization that is geared to innovation? And how to transform creative ideas into successful innovations? In what ways can innovation be organized within and between organizations, or how can market acceptance be stimulated? In the Strategic Innovation Management program you learn to the answers to these questions. 

These questions are essential to the field of strategic innovation management. S trategic innovation management is crucial for firms to survive and thrive in today’s turbulent business environment. You apply theories relevant to the strategic management of innovation to develop the insights needed to navigate this challenging frontier. The programme in Strategic Innovation Management is unique in focusing on strategic issues that turn innovations into commercial successes. You explore theoretical concepts and tools that enable a thorough understanding of up-to-date, real-life cases, and conduct your own research.

Strategic Innovation Management is structured as two semesters of 22 weeks each. A combination of lectures, seminars, tutorials, case studies and projects is used as teaching method, depending on the nature of a course. Assessment is through essays, exams, reports, case studies, industry-based assignments, presentations and a master’s thesis. 

The Strategic Innovation Management Program is a specialization within the framework of the MSc. Business Administration

Strategic Innovation Management Career Prospects

Career perspectives for graduates in Strategic Innovation Management are bright. As the programme focuses on a field which is of growing importance across industries, internationally you can choose between many different career paths. The programme is the ideal choice when you are interested in a career in strategic or innovation management, business development, or as a consultant.

The program focuses on a field which is growing in importance (strategic management of non-technical innovation), even for ‘technology-driven’ businesses. Strategic Innovation Management is the ideal choice for students who are interested in a career in management or consultancy.

Strategic Innovation Management Related Programs

Besides the Strategic Innovation Management program, students can also opt for other specializations that are part of the MSc Business Administration. Other specializations include:

Change Management
Organizational and Management Control
Small Business and Entrepreneurship

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Strategic Innovation Management Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the MSc Strategic Innovation Management will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top MSc degree at the University of Groningen.

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