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Research Master Economics (CentER Graduate School)

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English (100%)
24 months
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Research University

Program description

The Research Master Economics program offers a broad basis for research in econometrics, macroeconomics and microeconomics. It's an in-depth study program which is focused on cutting-edge research in Economics.

The Graduate Program in Economics provides you with a sound basis in economic and econometric theory, a broad background in applied fields, as well as a specialization in fields of interest. The program acquaints students with analytic and empirical tools that are frequently used in economic research.

The Research Master Program in Economics at CentER offers a full-fledged graduate program, consisting of a two-year MPhil and a three-year PhD phase. Part of the program is offered in collaboration with NAKE, the national network for general and quantitative economics. Through course topics you will get involved in the latest developments in inter national research in economics. Furthermore, you will write a thesis in the second year. By the end of the program you will be capable of writing a paper for an international journal.

Research Master Economics Program Outline

CentER’s Research Master in Economics offers two years of PhD coursework and research training in economics. It prepares you for PhD thesis research at CentER. It is bundled with CentER’s three-year PhD track in its five-year Graduate Program in Economics.

The first year of the Research Master in Economics is fully devoted to a rigorous training in the core of economics. It equips you with a sound basis in economic and econometric theory and methods.

The second year of the Research Master is evenly split between specialized coursework in two fields of your choice and a first major research paper, the Research Master thesis. It allows you to explore the many research groups at CentER, to fully develop your research interests, and to match up with one or more advisers that share your interests.

Research Master Economics Career Prospects

The Research Master in Economics is fully dedicated to preparing students for PhD thesis research at CentER. To this end, we limit the inflow to a small number of excellent students with a sincere interest in pursuing a PhD at CentER. We expect at least 75% of these students to successfully complete the Research Master in Economics and continue with PhD thesis research in a fully funded PhD position at CentER.

After completing the PhD, many students participate in CentER’s academic job placement procedure and find jobs at universities, research institutes, and government institutions around the world. Others end up at large private companies, such as banks, insurance companies, and consultancy firms.

Research Master Economics Related Programs

Besides the Research Master Economics, Tilburg University offers several other Economics related masters such as the MSc Economics program.

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Research Master Economics Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the Research Master Economics will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top MSc degree at Tilburg University.

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About Tilburg University

At Tilburg University, our mission is to inspire students and faculty members to reach their full potential, and in doing so, reap a positive impact on the society around them. Our education and research is internationally inspired and is ground breaking. Tilburg is represented among the top institutes in the international university rankings.

Tilburg University educational programs instil a broad social awareness in our students along with critical personal and professional skills. Learning and development are offered at all career levels. Research endeavours aim to advance the frontiers of knowledge on issues and subjects of direct value to society – and are actively disseminated and applied within the community with this objective in mind. We play an active part in the local community and that of the region, the Netherlands and the entire world, maintaining close contact at all levels.

More information about Tilburg University

watch the video about Research Master Economics (CentER Graduate School)watch the video about Research Master Economics (CentER Graduate School)

Admission requirements

Grade average

Average 7.5 out of 10

Written request

Motivation letter
Reference letters

Grade list

Average 7.5 out of 10

Language requirements

IELTS overall band: 6.5, IELTS listening: 5.5, IELTS reading: 5.5, IELTS writing: 5.5, IELTS speaking: 5.5, TOEFL paper based: 550, TOEFL computer based: 213, TOEFL internet based: 80

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