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Degree type
Language of education
12 months
Tuition fee EU/EEA
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Start of program
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Netherlands Government
Type of institution
Research University

Program description

Leiden University is particularly well equipped for the study of human languages in all their diversity.

There is no other academic institution in the Netherlands or in the neighbouring countries where as many distinct languages are taught and studied, from modern, well-known languages, such as English, French and Italian, to more exotic ones such as African languages, Native American languages, and Indonesian. Besides this broad range of languages, a further characteristic of the Leiden Linguistics programme is the diversity of theoretical approaches and perspectives in how language is studied.

After obtaining their master's, Leiden linguists are able to analyse linguistic problems at an academic level, and are in demand for their communicative and practical competences, such as their command of a specific language, their knowledge and skills in translating, and their communicative and editorial talents.

To further develop the knowledge you acquired during your Bachelor’s programme. However, the programme’s ambition extends beyond this. You'll be confronted with a high level of theoretical, computational, clinical & experimental linguistics, all of which will prepare you for a variety of professions within the linguistics arena.

Admission requirements

Previous education

BA degree in Linguistics or its equivalent (see website www.mastersinleiden.nl).

Knowledge minimum

See website www.mastersinleiden.nl for details.

Language requirements

IELTS overall band: 6.5, TOEFL paper based: 570, TOEFL computer based: 230, TOEFL internet based: 88

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Share your thoughts on
studying abroad.

Join the study in the Netherlands facebook community!

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