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International Executive MBA

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English (100%)
18 months
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Institute for International Education
Utrecht, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Eindhoven

Program description

The International Executive MBA program has been designed to accommodate the needs of senior executives with demanding schedules.

The International Executive MBA is a global, high-impact alternative to the traditional EMBA, specifically formulated for working executives seeking a masters degree in management. 

One of the most International EMBA Programs in the world
Global classmates, residencies, teaching faculty, case studies. The International Executive MBA has been consistently ranked in the European top 20 for the last years, and is leading in the following domains: career progress, international student rank, international course experience, and faculty with doctorates.

Along with TiasNimbas, the EMBA is the collaborative effort of Purdue University's Krannert School of Management, United States; CEU Business School of Central European University, Hungary; and GISMA Business School, Germany.

An American and a European MBA
The EMBA is your opportunity to move your career to that next level – a level that could span functions, even borders. And by graduating with an American and a European MBA, you couldn't be better prepared.

About TiasNimbas and the International Executive MBA program
TiasNimbas Business School has a clear vision on the internationally recognised academic standards of an MBA as well as the quality approach on which we build our name. Our approach also includes introductory lectures, problem-based learning exercises, case studies (benchmarks or participants' business cases), student participation and applied projects.

We expect serious preparation for classes because it serves the individual learning curve and ensures that classes can be devoted to the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Frequent assignments and testing moments offer the possibility for both individual students and faculty to check the integration level of newly gained knowledge and the business application transfer.

High academic standards are carefully maintained to secure the integrity of the degrees earned. As a result, the educational benefits are substantial and the degree constitutes significant professional credentials.

A Master of Business Administration serves many objectives that may vary according to the business school offering the degree, the individual expectations and eventually the corporate ambitions.

The prime aim of the Executive MBA is to broaden and deepen current knowledge to the expected level of an executive professional.

It includes teaching concepts, frameworks and theories of management, to explore problems within management, and to show alternative routes to approach the problem at stake.
Defining and exploring the problem in all its facets comes first; next, we show that certain techniques can be used to solve them.

The second major objective of the Executive MBA is to support the individual participant to grow and develop to a higher professional and managerial level.

Personal reflection sessions, surveys and experimental exercises, role plays, peer coaching and expert feedback moments, and an outdoor hiking trip are some of the manifold techniques to raise awareness of the individual performance and leadership potential.


  • A Dutch degree. Global business enviroment.
  • A monthly format over two years.
  • Professionals looking for a next phase in their career. Average work experience of 8-9 years.
  • Start date: introduction weekend September 2012.
  • Emphasis on entrepreneurship, innovation and technology management. Personal development & business leadership.

About TiasNimbas Business School

TiasNimbas, the business school of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology, offers a broad and flexible portfolio of internationally recognised management programmes. The motto of TiasNimbas is ‘Never Stop Asking’, and this is reflected in programmes that are rooted in leading management research, and designed to address the specific educational needs of individuals and organisations in the evolving world of business. 

TiasNimbas Wants to Give You the World.
This orientation towards excellence resulted in the Financial Times ranks TiasNimbas Business School 24 in Europe, while The Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Which MBA?’ has placed the Full-Time MBA programme in its worldwide top 100 rankings

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