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Integrated Product Design

Degree type
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24 months
Tuition fee EU/EEA
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Research University

Program description

The Integrated Product Design program offers a systematic approach to product development.

In the Integrated Product Design Master Programme, you will learn to adapt the design process to the demands of specific design problems and design contexts, focusing in particular on the design of innovative products and product-service combinations for consumers and professional users.

You will learn how to perform design activities using modern methods and advanced design technologies, and how to plan, execute and manage complex product development processes in multidisciplinary teams and distributed environments. Focusing on the knowledge- and method-intensive phases of concept and embodiment design, you will master product creation from the level of a design brief to that of a completed, materialised and validated product or product prototype. In this context design and applied research & development converge in one rigorous scientific framework. In IPD you will master the total integrated workflow that is visible in the research & development/design & development departments of large companies as well as small and medium sized companies/free-lance design offices where Industrial Design Engineers are employed.

The IPD programme offers a balanced mix of theory and practice, intimately linking applied scientific research to the design process. In the context of the courses Advanced Concept Design and Advanced Embodiment Design you will acquire specialised knowledge and competencies in fields such as applied ergonomics, product communication and presentation, aesthetic product impact, technical concept materialisation, advanced design enablers, smart systems & technologies and sustainable design, and learn to integrate these in real-life projects executed with partner companies. Strategic and business aspects will have a focus in the 3rd semester courses Managing Product Innovation and Strategic Sustainable Design. In the Joint Master Project you will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge to solve realistic, complex design problems, spanning the entire design process. There are several opportunities to incorporate your personal profile in the programme, by choosing electives or by choosing one of the specialisations; Medisign, Advanced Automotive Design or Retail Design.

Admission requirements

Previous education

BSc degree (or equivalent) of a high quality and level. The main subject of the BSc study should match the Integrated Product Design MSc-programme.

Professional experience

Relevant professional experience can sometimes compensate for deficiencies in educational background.

Knowledge minimum

A portfolio of work samples is one of the required application documents.

Language requirements

IELTS overall band: 6.5, TOEFL internet based: 90

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Share your thoughts on
studying abroad.

Join the study in the Netherlands facebook community!

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