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Economics and Business

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12 months
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Netherlands Government
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Research University

Program description

Build strategies, make policies, grasp markets. Choose from many specialisations, and learn how best to allocate resources, organise businesses, and make recommendations based on first-rate analyses.

Pick from a wealth of options in a rich and varied programme. Organisational governance and strategy, free competition, privatisation, and government regulations: learn how to tackle issues in these and other areas from an economics standpoint. Learn how to base policy recommendations and strategies on your in-depth analyses.

The School of Economics at Erasmus is well renowned, and has a strong international dimension; Rotterdam is a world hub for business. Select from specializations in Economics, Business Economics, and Applied Economics. Pursue one of the main subdisciplines such as finance, marketing, and economic policy. Specialise or keep it broad, and get set for a career in government, banking, international business, or academia.

The field of economics involves the efficient allocation of resources, the effective organisation of businesses and markets and development of effective government policy in order to produce greater prosperity. You will be able to analyse problems from an economic perspective, as well as strategic issues within companies and produce keen analyses for policy recommendations and strategies.

Financial Economics; Accounting, Auditing and Control/Accounting and Finance; Marketing; Economics of Markets, Organisations and Policy; International Economics and Business Studies; Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Organisation Economics; Urban, Port and Transport Economics; Health Economics.

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Admission requirements

Language requirements

IELTS listening: 6.5, TOEFL computer based: 232, TOEFL internet based: 90

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