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American Studies

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Language of education
12 months
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Netherlands Government
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Research University

Program description

First established as an academic discipline in the United States in the 1920s, American Studies is now recognized internationally as one of the most stimulating degree programs in cultural studies.

Exploring the cultural domain called 'the United States of America', American Studies starts from the premise that 'America' was shaped as much by its literature, arts, folklore, music, film, philosophy, commerce, entertainment, media, education, science and religion, as by its Constitution, its laws, political treaties and wars. None of the academic monodisciplines (history, literature, sociology, art history, philosophy, and so on) is sufficiently equipped to offer a comprehensive account of the complex dynamics of American culture. The American Studies program at the University of Groningen distinguishes itself from most similar programs in that it has been designed on the basis of a central unifying principle: 'The Dynamics of Cultural Change: Nationhood and National Identity in the US'. Approaching the idea of culture as 'the process of production of meanings, signs and values in social life', the program in addition offers students challenging theoretical insights into the idea of culture in general.

Admission requirements

Previous education

BA in American Studies, English, History, Political Science, Cultural Studies or equivalent

Additional subject

Students must provide proof of a high level of language proficiency (a minimum of 620 TOEFL score).

Language requirements

IELTS overall band: 7, TOEFL paper based: 620, TOEFL internet based: 105

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