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Roosevelt Academy

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36 months
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Netherlands Government
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Research University

Program description

The Roosevelt Academy is one of the honours colleges of Utrecht. A degree from Roosevelt Academy qualifies you for a career in international academic, business, or public administration.

At Roosevelt Academy (RA) students can complete their bachelor's program within three years by taking a minimum of 24 courses from the three main academic departments: Arts & Humanities, Science, and Social Science. Subjects to choose from include those covering the arts and the humanities such as Philosophy, Film, Theater and Media Studies, Literature, American Studies, or (Art) History to those related to the social sciences or science such as Psychology, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Physics, Political Science and International Relations, Mathematics or Geography.

Furthermore, the Academic Core department offers courses in foreign languages (including English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch (for non-native speakers of Dutch)), in Methods and Statistics, in Rhetoric and Argumentation, and in Journalism. Unique to RA are also the special Performing Arts and Pre-Medical programs. Students can select courses in their first year, albeit with their prospective major in mind and within the boundaries of required ACC courses. Depending on their choice of major, students ultimately graduate either as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or as a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).


Arts & Humanities
Antiquity, Art History, Historly, Linguistics, Literature, Music History, Music Performance, Music Theory, Theatre and Media Studies, Theology.

Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Cognitive Science, Computational Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Life Sciences,Mathematics, Physics.

Social Science
Anthropology, Economics, Global Studies, Law, Politics and International Relations, Psychology, Sociology.

Unlike most other Dutch universities, Roosevelt Academy is modeled on the American and British college system and bases its educational program on the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) principle -- a teaching philosophy originating from Anglo-Saxon higher education which presupposes that a general, broad bachelor education is the first step towards a more specialized master's program. At RA students therefore do not only take courses in one specific discipline such as English, Law or Economics.

About the Roosevelt Academy
Roosevelt Academy is an International Honors College that offers Liberal Arts & Sciences courses in Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science. Roosevelt Academy is part of Utrecht University and is located in the center of Middelburg in the Province of Zeeland. The College is home to some 600 students. More and more international students are registered for courses each year..

Roosevelt Academy offers high quality bachelor education to highly motivated students who wish to broaden their horizon by looking beyond the obvious. At Roosevelt Academy students have great freedom to develop an individual curriculum under the guidance of a personal tutor. This allows them to express their individual talents to the very best of their abilities.

Educational Philosophy
Roosevelt Academy offers has adopted a unique educational experience based on the idea that an academic career benefits most from learning more about a variety of disciplines. By drawing on a broad range of knowledge, students are asked to grapple with complicated, important issues. Graduates of Roosevelt Academy are intellectually mature and are able to see the bigger picture.

Roosevelt Academy offers offers courses in Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Science. The Academy has an interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary approach to learning. Subjects are always taught in the light of and in relation to other disciplines. Students are offered the possibility to do an internship during their studies.

About Utrecht University

Utrecht University is a top international university that holds a top  100 position in the international rankings. It offers a broad range of high-quality Dutch- and English-taught programs and courses. The English curriculum consists of Bachelor's and Master’s degree programs, certificate courses, and Summer School courses. In addition, some of the world’s most talented students come to Utrecht University to do their PhD research.

Research has always played a fundamental role in Utrecht University’s degree programs. Course content is closely linked to top-class research. Students are taught in small groups by top researchers and lecturers, mostly experts in their field. Utrecht University is at the forefront of developments in interdisciplinary knowledge. Our research continues to have impact in fields ranging from biochemistry and biophysics to human rights and culture.

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Admission requirements

Written request

Students need to write a letter of motivation.

Assessment interview

After their letter of motivation, letters of recommendation and grades lists have been received and surveyed, suitable students will be invited for a 30-minute interview

Language requirements

CAE: B1, CPE: C1, IELTS overall band: 6.5, IELTS listening: 6.5, IELTS reading: 6.5, IELTS writing: 6.5, IELTS speaking: 6.5, TOEFL paper based: 580, TOEFL computer based: 237, TOEFL internet based: 93

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