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Fine Arts

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English (100%)
48 months
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University of Applied Sciences

Program description

The course programme Fine Art is aimed at creating autonomous fine artists. Specializations: painting, drawing, graphics, photography, sculpture, mediaart, conceptual or figurative art.

The Fine Arts program exposes you to all aspects of professional art: from developing ideas and the artistic process, to creating, presenting and organising your work. The aim of the course is to develop your qualities as a visual artist to enable to make a personal, critical and inventive contribution to the professional field. You can create anything you wish. Anything is possible - which means, in particular, that you learn to make informed choices. Although the course has a broad range to offer, you determine the direction you want to take.

Fine Arts Program Structure

The Fine Arts program starts with the first year excursion: a trip abroad to a link-up study project. The first year consists of learning in teams and a range of subject lectures introducing you to different technical studios and various techniques and media. Different lecturers will guide the lessons and an academic counsellor will monitor, in particular, how your studies are progressing.

Developing your own work is the focus of years two and three. The Fine Arts program will again comprise a combination of lessons in teams and subject lectures. Theory lessons, such as art history, art theory and philosophy will also be presented. There is often a close relationship between visual arts and theory. After all, as an artist you need to be aware of where you stand, and reflection is an important component in this process. The Professional Preparation course plays an important role in the third and fourth years. Familiarizing yourself with professional practice in all its facets is central to this course. This approach to work ensures intensive mentoring from a variety of teachers. You will have to write both a final paper and thesis in the last study year. You will also have to present your work in a collective exhibition with all the other final year students.

Throughout the entire course you will work independently outside of lessons both in the studios and lecture halls, as well as your studio at home or at the media center or library. 

Fine Arts Specializations 

The Fine Arts program is aimed at creating autonomous fine artists. You can create anything you wish. Anything is possible - which means, in particular, that you learn to make informed choices. Although the course has a broad range to offer, you determine the direction you want to take. You can tailor the course via subject lessons, project choices or final year paper. You can develop your own signature. Painting teaches you to work with form and color. Graphics offers the option of working with prints. Sculpture is primarily about thinking spatially. Photography shapes your observations, and digital media helps you to enter a "world of wonders". These are, of course, only brief sketches. The reality is that all subjects and specializations are full of adventures waiting for you to uncover. 

Fine Arts Program Objectives

The emphasis in the Fine Arts course is on Autonomy. Autonomous can be translated as free and independent. If you choose Fine Arts, you are choosing to devote yourself fully - as an artist - to exploring your own imagination and fascinations. Firstly you’ll be your own client and employee. You will determine what to focus on whether that’s painting, drawing, graphics or photography, sculpture, media or installation art, conceptual or figurative art.

Fine Arts Career Prospects

A visual artist's success depends on various factors. Talent and giftedness, knowledge, technical skills, strength of imagination, creativity, ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and staying power are all essential aspects. You will display your work to the public via exhibitions, presentations and demonstrations. This allows you to publicise your work, invite responses, and build-up your public base, as well as stimulating the sale of your work to private individuals, government and the business world. You can also take on assignments, collaborate with others, participate in meetings and projects or pursue a masters degree. You might choose to work in the confinements of your own studio, or perhaps in public spaces. There are plenty of opportunities - but you'll have to take them yourself: That's part of being an independent artist.

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Besides Fine Arts, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen  offers a range of other Arts programs such as the Music Program.

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Fine Arts Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the Fine Arts program will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top professional bachelor degree in Arts at Hanze University of Appied Sciences Groningen.

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About Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, is the largest University of Applied Sciences in the northern part of the Netherlands and is located in the vibrant student city Groningen. Hanze UAS, has a wide variety of Bachelor programmes, Master programmes, certificate programmes, exchange programmes, dual degree programmes, preparatory courses and minors. In addition to its academic programmes, Hanze UAS, has various modern facilities on campus to offer its students. 

The university is also internationally oriented in the sense that it offers various fully-taught programmes in English and works closely together with partner institutes from all over the world. In addition, the university is home to over eighty different nationalities.

More information about Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

Admission requirements

Language test

TOEFL (internet based): 80

Entry test

Students have have applied for the FIne Arts program will need to do an entry test, which is a home assignment.
When you receive the home assignment (with the invitation) you are required to send a copy of your passport/id card, certified diploma and grade list back with the home assignment you made. On the day of the exam you show your portfolio which will be discussed by the assessment commission in a portfolio assessment.?The portfolio should consist of an overview of your work and should contain originals. It should also give insight to the process of your work, for example by sketches.
Besides the portfolio assessment the exam includes an academic assignment.

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