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Civil Engineering

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36 months
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Research University

Program description

Civil engineering is the technical foundation of our modern world. To give a few examples, the structure of your house was designed by civil engineers, just as were the drains and the water mains. Thanks to civil engineers you can ride your bike to school on a road with a smooth and stable surface and the school too exists thanks to civil engineering.

Studying Civil Engineering means helping to build the future. Civil engineers not only make the world safe, liveable and accessible, but also ensure that a country remains safe, liveable and accessible as the climate changes and the economy makes new demands.

In the three-year study programme you will chiefly take basic subjects in the first two years. These are important for all civil engineers, and include subjects such as mathematics, mechanics and general theory of construction. You will also get acquainted with the three specialist fields Water, Construction and Transport.

In addition to the regular programme you will also have the chance to take a minor, to study abroad or to do an internship. After gaining your degree you can transfer to a follow-up Master’s degree programme that lasts two years.

Companies are eager to employ civil engineers! Moreover, all kinds of consultancy firms and even banks give preference to an engineer. So it’s no surprise that right now there is a shortage of engineers and that this will increase even more in the coming years. So once you have completed your civil engineering studies you can be sure of getting a good job.

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Admission requirements

Language requirements

IELTS overall band: 6.5, TOEFL internet based: 90

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Share your thoughts on
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