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Agri Systems Management

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48 months
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Netherlands Government
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University of Applied Sciences

Program description

Agri Systems Management deals with agricultural system in tropical countries. You gain insight into plant breeding, land use, mechanization, business economics and geographical information systems. You analyze the problems related to food production. After the training you can, for example, set to work in the agricultural industry or in rural development or forest management abroad.

Why study Agri Systems Management?
Sometimes strange things happen in the world. In the West - particularly in Europe and the US - the farmers' situation is completely different from the one in other parts of the world. In the Western world, agricultural raw materials are rather cheap and the heavily subsidized products are 'sent' to the world market. However, labor and land are expensive. The result: the intensive and specialized agriculture or animal husbandry is more profitable because large harvests are produced in a relatively short time using a lot of fertilizers or feed and large machines.

Outside the EU, the situation is totally different. One of the few sources of income for governments in these countries is the taxation on imported products, such as fertilizers, nutrients and machines. This makes them expensive for the farmers there. However, labor and time are cheap. And there is usually an abundance of land. When the farmers ultimately offer their products on the world market, they lack the subsidies provided to Western farmers. In the domestic market, prices are often lower than world market prices.

Can you survive as a farmer in this situation? This is possible. And the bachelor Agri Systems Management will prove it. The approach: companies with an optimized use of labor, land and capital goods for a system of sustainable production. However, the perfect mix is different in each region, but the principle remains the same.

Following the Bachelor Agri Systems Management, you mix with people from all over the world! This is the best preparation for an international career, as you will learn how to communicate with people from all kinds of cultures and with new ways of thinking, feeling and working.

The programme offers 2 initial years of study in General Agriculture, Marketing, Economics, and Business Management. In year 3 and 4 students chose from the following specialisations: International Horticulture and Marketing; International Livestock Management; International Agribusiness Management; Rural Development and Innovation; Tropical Forestry.

Program Objectives
Graduates are able to supervise and manage activities in the fields of agricultural production, sales and marketing, chain management at the international level, and creation of added value in a global context.

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