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International Communication Management Student Rating

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Degree type
Bachelor of Communication
Language of education
English (100%)
36 months
Tuition fee EU/EEA
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Tuition fee Non EU/EEA
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Start of program
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Application deadline
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Type of institution
University of Applied Sciences
Den Haag

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Student reviews

Renars Tilgalis

Renars Tilgalis

Course Title:International Communication Management
Name:Renars Tilgalis

The International Communication Management program has an excellent balance of the theory you have to learn to carry out projects and getting the opportunity and support to do them. If a situation is really difficult to deal with it forces you to dig deeper into your resourcefulness to find a solution, which is good for your development. It opens your eyes to what you are capable of and it will help you later when you face problems in real life.


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