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Bachelor Admission

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Bachelor Admission

The principal requirement for admission to any bachelor degree program is having the right secondary-school diploma. International students must have a diploma which is deemed equivalent to the minimum diploma required. Most institutions will have additional admission requirements such as a minimum score on a mandatory English language test. For some programs you need to have earned excellent marks on your high school diploma.

High School Diploma Equivalence table

The Following diplomas are roughly equivalent to the Netherlands VWO diploma. A VWO diploma generally gives access to university bachelor programs. Please note that Research Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences may have slightly different admission requirements. You are advised to contact the university for specific information on bachelor admission requirements.

The Diploma Equivalence Table below should give you a general idea about the translation of your high school diploma to Dutch standards. 

International High School Diplomas Equivalence table

Country   International High School Diplomas
Austria Diplom/Reifezeugnis from Allgemeinbildende Hohere Schule
Belgium Certificat d'Enseignement Secondaire Superieure
Brazil Bacharelado/Segundo Grau
Bulgaria Diploma za Zavarsheno Sredno Obrazovanie (DZSO)
Canada High School Diploma. Quebec; Diplome d'Etudes Collegiales (DEC)
China National entrance examination/ Gao Kao
Denmark Studentereksamenbevis (STX)/Bevis for Hojere Forberedelseseksamen
Estonia Gumnaasiumi loputunnistus
Europe European Baccalaureat Diploma
Finland Studenteksamenbevis/Ylioppilastutkintotodistus
France Diplôme du Baccalaureat General/Baccalaureat de l'Enseignement du Second Degre
Germany Zeugnis der Fachgebundenen Hochschulreife/Abitur
Greece Apolytirio Eniaiou Lykeiou
Hungary Gimnaziumi Erettsegi Bizonyitvany
Iceland Stúdentspróf from Gymnasium
India All India Senior School Certificate Examination, Certificate of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Higher/Intermediate School Certificate
Indonesia SMU Diploma
International International Baccalaureate IB Diploma
Ireland Leaving Certificate in 6 subjects
Israel Te udat Bagrut
Italy Diploma di Maturita/Superamento dell'esame di Stato Conclusivo
Korea General Senior High School Certificate
Latvia Atestats + sertifikats eksaminacijas centrs
Liechtenstein Maturazeugnis
Lithuania Brandos Atestats / Maturity Secondary diploma
Luxemburg Diplome de Fin d'Etudes Secondaire, Enseignement Classique ou Moderne
Malta Advanced Matriculation (AM)
Mexico Bacharel/Bachiller /Bachilerato
New Zealand University Bursaries Examination in at least 4 subjects
Norway Vitnemal Videregaonde opplaering (studieretning for allmenne fag)
Poland Swiadectwo Ukonczenia/Dojrzalosci Liceum Ogolnoksztalcacego
Portugal Certificado de fim de Estudos Secundarios
Romania Diploma de Bacalaureat
Russia Attestat diploma
Slovakia Vysvedcenie o Maturitnej Skuske from a Gymnazium
Slovenia Matura / Secondary School-Leaving Diploma / Technical Matura
Spain Curso de Orientacion Universitaria (COU) / Titulo de Bachillerato / Prueba de Acceso
Sweden Slutbetyg fran Gymnasieskolan/ School leaving certificate upper secondary school
Switzerland Maturitatszeugnis / Diplome de Maturite
Scotland Scottish Certificate of Education (SCE) with 3 Advanced Higher Grades
Taiwan Taiwanese Senior High School Certificate of Graduation
Thailand Thai Matayom 6
Turkey Turkish Lise Diploma + Osys
UK GCE A levels
USA American High School Diploma
Vietnam Vietnamese Bang Tot Nghiep Pho Thong Trung / Bang Trung Hoc Pho THong / Bang Tu Tai / Baccalaureate

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