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Philosophy and Religion

Course guide Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and religion is all about getting to grips with some of the most significant issues of human life. How do we see ourselves and what does that say about us? Philosophers usually delve deeper into moral questions than other people do. Did you know that Martin Luther King and Bill Clinton studied Philosophy? Religion and Philosophy are closely related. Like Philosophy, Religion deals with ethics, morals and logic. Why do people believe in God and what are the fundamental differences in religions across the world?

Philosophy and Religion Career Prospects

Philosophy graduates have better career prospects than many people would think. Being a Philosopher is not the only career that is open to graduates. They can often be found in positions such as: teachers, researchers, political campaign strategists or diplomats. Studying philosophy is about mastering the art of good argumentation. People who can do so are in great demand.

Philosophy and Religion Programs

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Philosophy Ranking

QS World Philosophy Ranking 2012
Position of Netherlands' Universities
37 University of Amsterdam
51-100 Leiden University
51-100 University of Groningen
101-150 Radboud University Nijmegen
101-150 VU University Amsterdam
Source: QS World University Ranking 2012

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