Market reports South America

In these Market Reports on countries in South America we will cover socio-economics, educational and mobility trends. Get the latest insights into the hottest student recruitment markets in South America. Our market research on the Higher Education industry includes trends, analysis, statistics,  forecasts, competitor analyses and marketing opportunities. We provide the business intelligence you need to make well informed student recruitment decisions. 

Market Report Brazil. The Brazilian study abroad market

Market report Brazil

Brazil is a major source of international students. Although the numbers are overshadowed by the likes of China and India, Brazil is one of the major contributors for US and Canadian enrollments. Close to 60,000 Brazilian students are studying abroad. 20% go to Argentina another 20% the US. The Brazilian economy has met with […]


Market Report Colombia. The Colombian study abroad market

Market report Colombia

Although Colombia has beefed up its education spending in recent years, higher education funding is low and fails to keep up with increasing enrollment number. This is one of the drivers for outbound mobility. The demand for places in Colombian universities is much higher than can be accommodated. […]


Market Report Chile. The Chilean study abroad market

Market report Chile

Chile is one of the most affluent nations in South America. With regards to education, this growing national prosperity has led to rapidly increasing university enrollments. However, this enrollment growth has almost exclusively been within the private sector and led primarily by market forces, […]


Market Report Ecuador. The Ecuadorian study abroad market

Market report Ecuador

In recent years, more and more students have been leaving Ecuador for studies abroad. At this point 22,000 students are studying overseas. Compared to 2010 UNESCO reports an increase of 45%. This increase is partly explained by the Ecuadorian government pumping cash into the education system, including into various scholarship funds. […]


Market Report Peru. The Peruvian study abroad market

Market report Peru

According to the World Bank, Peru is an upper middle income country. It is the world’s 46th largest economy. In terms of GPD it is comparable to Portugal. Peru is heavily dependent on its mineral resources. After decades of underinvesting, the country’s government has set in place a large-scale reform aimed at improving the educational sector. […]


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