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Read our market reports on Europe to get the latest insights into the hottest student recruitment markets. Our market research on the Higher Education industry includes trends, analysis, statistics,  forecasts, competitor analyses and marketing opportunities. In our market reports on Europe we will be covering socio-economic, educational and mobility trends. We provide the business intelligence you need to make well informed student recruitment decisions.

Market Report Austria. The Austrian study abroad market

Market report Austria

Austria has many measures and initiatives to support and promote the mobility of students: the range of these activities extends from participation in the Erasmus+ funding options onto bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects and special doctoral fellowships. […]


Market Report Belgium. The Belgian study abroad market

Market report Belgium

Belgium has three autonomous education systems (for the Flemish Community, the French Community and the German-speaking Community). The role of the federal government is limited to mandatory schooling age and indirectly the financing of the communities. […]


Market Report Bulgaria. The Bulgarian study abroad market

Market report Bulgaria

Bulgarian students have always been very internationally oriented and mobile. Back in 2013 the outbound mobility rate was 8%. In 2019 this figure has gone up to 9.1% (according to UNESCO). At the moment, more than 25,000 Bulgarian students are studying overseas for a bachelor, master of PhD degree. […]


Market Report Estonia. The Estonian study abroad market

Market report Estonia

Education is often said to be the corner stone of the economy and society as a whole. Few people would guess that Estonia is a role model when it comes to education and the economy. Estonia is a small Baltic republic with a capita income of 14,000 dollars a year, just over half of Italy’s figure of 25,000 dollars. And on closer inspection, […]


Market Report Germany. The German study abroad market

Market report Germany

The German Study Abroad Market The German government has an ambitious education agenda. The coming decade it will be focussing on research, innovation, sustainable growth and viable jobs. Approximately 70 billion euros will be allocated. Internationalization will be Germany‘s focal points the coming years. These are the main areas it will focussing on […]


Market Report Hungary. The Hungarian study abroad market

Market report Hungary

Education in Hungary is generally of a high standard, although it frequently adopts a more traditional approach than that of other European countries. This is most evident in the increasing prominence of church-funded public schools, which incorporate religious elements into their curricula. Hungarian education has a number of challenges it needs […]


Market Report Italy. The Italian study abroad market

Market report Italy

The Italian constitution guarantees the freedom of education. It also provides for state schools and guarantees the independence of universities. The constitution further states that the public schools are open to all and makes provision for scholarships and grants. At the turn of the century, only 10% of Italians had obtained a university or college degree. […]


Market Report Latvia. The Latvian study abroad market

Market report Latvia

Latvia is one of 3 Baltic States. It regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, joined the European Union and NATO in 2004, and joined the Eurozone in 2014. Latvia is a small, open economy depending largely on exports. Due to its geographical location, transit services are highly-developed, along with timber and wood-processing, agriculture and food products, […]


Market Report Lithuania. The Lithuanian study abroad market

Market report Lithuania

Lithuania is a the 3rd Baltic country, situated to the south of Latvia, bordering Poland and Belarus. Lithuania has a high-income advanced economy with a very high Human Development Index. Lithuania has the largest economy of the Baltics. Lithuania is a modern economy with a global mindset, and a lot of international companies have offices in the country. […]


Market Report Netherlands. The Dutch study abroad market

Market report Netherlands

The World Economic Forum has ranked the Netherlands as the third most educated country in the world. Also, in the renowned global Pisa/OECD rankings for 15-year-olds, the Netherlands is listed as one of the best performers. A third of Dutch 25-64 year olds hold a university degree, which is significantly higher than the OECD average of 24%. […]


Market Report Poland. The Polish study abroad market

Market report Poland

Poland’s educational success can partially be attributed to an ambitious internationalization strategy developed in 2015 by the Polish Ministry of Science. The strategy aims at more than doubling the number of international students in the country by 2020. To support initiatives such as language training and international education programs, […]


Market Report Romania. The Romanian study abroad market

Market report Romania

Since Romania joined the EU back in 2007, its economy has grown tremendously. The country’s GDP rose by 40% since then. Although government expenditure on education is still behind the EU average, education spending increased by 5.6%. It represents 8.6% of total government spending. By comparison, the EU average is 10.3%. (source EuroStat). […]


Market Report Russia. The Russian study abroad market

Market report Russia

The Russian Study Abroad Market The Russian government has pushed an ambitious higher education agenda focused on improving quality and international standing. The country is seeking to radically enhance the global ranking of its universities by 2020, and to attract substantial numbers of internationally mobile tertiary-level students from around the globe. […]


Market Report Turkey. The Turkish study abroad market

Market report Turkey

Turkey has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Last year the economy grew by 6 percent.  It should not come as a surprise that Turkey is one of the four MINT countries. MINT is a phrase coined by Goldman Sachs to refer to rapidly emerging, populous non-BRIC economies. […]


Market Report Ukraine. The Ukrainian study abroad market

Market report Ukraine

According to UNESCO Ukraine is among the most educated societies in the world with a tertiary gross enrollment ratio of 83 percent. The Ukrainian education system has a long tradition, but its reputation has suffered lately from increased quality problems. The Higher Education sector has found it difficult to adapt to changing circumstances. […]


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