Market reports Africa and the Middle East

Read our market reports on Africa and the Middle East and get the latest insights into the hottest student recruitment markets in this region. Nine countries from the Middle East and African (MENA) region are investing heavily in secondary and tertiary education in the coming decade. According to the World Bank: ‘The push for learning entails investing in the early years and the early grades’. Morocco and the UAE lead by example. Our market research on the Higher Education industry includes trends, analysis, statistics, forecasts, competitor analyses and marketing opportunities. We provide the business intelligence you need to make well informed student recruitment decisions.

Market Report Morocco. The Moroccan study abroad market

Market report Morocco

Moroccan Study Abroad Education Market Morocco is challenging the world with its investment in the education sector. The Moroccan Government earmarked 26.3% of the general budget for education. The government is also financing Moroccan students to study abroad and to undertake research. Of all the African nations, Morocco has the highest study abroad rate. […]


Market Report United Arab Emirates. The UAE study abroad market

Market report United Arab Emirates

UAE Study Abroad Education Market The education industry in the UAE continues to grow in both size and quality, making it one of the leading educational hubs in the world. The education market size in the UAE will further increase by 335 thousand enrollments during 2020-2025. The UAE has a relative young population; 22% are under the age of 24. This report offers an […]


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