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Welcome to Ukraine; an up and coming international student recruitment market. Recent conflicts and the impact on the economy, have led to increasing numbers of Ukrainian students going abroad. Close to 80,000 students from Ukraine are studying abroad. The majority go to neighboring Poland and Russia. European destinations are becoming more and more popular. Not in the least because of EU scholarship programs. Join our online and traditional education fairs in Ukraine to recruit students for your international paythway, bachelor, master and MBA study programs.

Image of a street in Kiev, home of the International Education Fair Ukraine
October, 2023
16:00 - 20:00
Kiev, Ukraine, Europe

International Education Fair Ukraine

The International Education Fair in Kiev - 2023 Ukraine is one of the most comprehensive Higher Education recruitment events in the country. At this point a total number of 77,639 Ukrainian students are studying abroad for a degree program. This number is increasing by 5% annually. ...

Image of the Earth from space. Decorative image for the Online Education Fair Eurasia
November, 2023
12:00 - 16:00
Online event
Online education fair

Online Education Fair Eurasia


The Eurasia Online Education Fair 2023 is targeted at students from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. These four markets combined are home to over 2 million tertiary students. With plenty of scholarships available, taking part in this virtual student recruitment event is surely worth your while. ...

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Market Report Ukraine. The Ukrainian study abroad market

Market report Ukraine

According to UNESCO Ukraine is among the most educated societies in the world with a tertiary gross enrollment ratio of 83 percent. The Ukrainian education system has a long tradition, but its reputation has suffered lately from increased quality problems. The Higher Education sector has found it difficult to adapt to changing circumstances. […]


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