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Join our online and traditional Education Fairs in Thailand, the land of smiles. On the agenda are a number of traditional and online international student recruitment events. Despite the fact that Thailand has never been a big sending nation, there are a lot of positive signs. An increasingly affluent middle class, is driving the demand for high-quality education and the enrollment in prestigious international schools and foreign language training. Nowadays, Thailand has the second highest number of English-medium private international schools in the ASEAN after Indonesia. Foreign education is also helping to improve the employment prospects of university graduates on the highly competitive Thai job market. These developments are having a positive effect on the Thai outbound mobility numbers.

Image of a temple in Bangkok, home of the International Education Fair Bangkok Thailand
6 - 7
November, 2023
12:00 - 18:00
Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

International Education Fair Bangkok Thailand

The International Education Fair Bangkok Thailand 2023 connects institutions from all over the world to with senior students, parents and high school counsellors from Bangkok's best international high schools at a number of on-campus fairs. ...

Image of the Earth from space. Decorative image for the Online Education Fair South East Asia
November, 2023
15:00 - 20:00
Online event
Online education fair

Online Education Fair South-East Asia


The Online Education Fair in South-East Asia is your chance to engage with pre-selected students from Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Indonesia. From the largest cities and the smallest towns, this event reaches places that traditional fairs simply cannot. Be part of the future of student recruitment! ...

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Market Report Thailand. The Thai study abroad market

Market report Thailand

Internationalization has taken a flight in Thailand. More and more Anglo-Saxon universities are opening branches in Thailand and in Bangkok in particular. Collaborative degree programs (joint or shared degrees) is a another development that has gained a lot of ground. UK universities alone have initiated 128 collaborative programs with Thai universities. […]


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