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Let us take you to one of South America’s most exciting international student recruitment markets: Peru. Join our interational education fairs in Peru to recruit students for your pathway and graduate study programs. Peru is home to over 1 million tertiary students. More than 35,000 Peruvian students are studying abroad. Many do so with financial backing of a scholarship. The government sponsored Pronabec Chile program is helping thousands of students to study overseas. Although most students go to neighboring Argentina, USA, Spain and Italy are also popular study destinations. In recent years the popularity of English Language Teaching programs has grown noticeably. This is your chance to discover Peru.

Online Education Fair South America
November, 2023
15:00 - 19:00
Online event
Online education fair

Online Education Fair South America


The Online Education Fair in South America 2023 is your chance to recruit top students from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. This virtual student fair allows you to connect with South American students who are actively searching for international study programs and undergraduate and graduate level. ...

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Market Report Peru. The Peruvian study abroad market

Market report Peru

According to the World Bank, Peru is an upper middle income country. It is the world’s 46th largest economy. In terms of GPD it is comparable to Portugal. Peru is heavily dependent on its mineral resources. After decades of underinvesting, the country’s government has set in place a large-scale reform aimed at improving the educational sector. […]


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