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Welcome to Morocco. Let us take you to one of Africa’s most exciting international student recruitment markets. Morocco is home to over 200,000 students. Currently, Morocco is sending close to 57,000 students abroad each year. With more than 31,000 students, France is the biggest destination country. In recent years the popularity of other European nations has grown. There are many scholarship opportunities for Moroccan students. The Rabbani scholarship program is good example. Our online and traditional education fairs provide the ideal recruitment platforms for international colleges, universities and business schools. Our education fairs in Morocco are targeted at pathway, language course, bachelor, master, MBA and LLM recruitment.

Image of Marrakesh. One of the venues for the International Education Fairs in Morocco. Part of the Education Fairs in Africa and the Middle East.
26 - 31
October, 2023
12:00 - 19:00
Casablanca, Morocco, Africa and the Middle East

International Education Fairs Morocco and Tunisia

The 2023 edition of the International Education Fairs Morocco and Tunisia brings you to the major student hubs: Casablanca, Marrakesh, Rabat and Tunis. This is your chance to recruit students from 2 different countries in a single trip. ...

Image of the Earth with online elements. Decorative image for the Online Education Fair North Africa
November, 2023
14:00 - 18:00
Online event
Online education fair

Online Education Fair North Africa


The Online Education Fair in North Africa brings you into contact with pre-selected students from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia. This event brings your institution to the homes of thousands of interested students looking to study abroad. From major cities like Cairo to rural towns in Tunisia. ...

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Discover the education market of Morocco

Market Report Morocco. The Moroccan study abroad market

Market report Morocco

Moroccan Study Abroad Education Market Morocco is challenging the world with its investment in the education sector. The Moroccan Government earmarked 26.3% of the general budget for education. The government is also financing Moroccan students to study abroad and to undertake research. Of all the African nations, Morocco has the highest study abroad rate. […]


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