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Welcome to Lithuania. Let us take you the country’s main student cities: Vilnius and Kaunas, home to over 130,000 tertiary students. For the 16th year running, our international student recruitment events will bring you into contact with thousands of students from the largest of the Baltic States. Join a steady group international exhibitors. Recruit students for your international college, pathway, bachelor, master or MBA programs. The number of Lithuanian students is growing steadily. At this point more than 10,000 Lithuanian students are studying abroad for a tertiary degree. Many of these students are funded by the EU scholarship program. The Erasmus+ program is the biggest financial source. The UK, Denmark, Netherlands and Poland are the most popular study destinations.  English language courses are becoming increasingly popular among Lithuanian students. Interest for these programs has doubled in the last 5 years. Our education fairs in Lithuania are the ideal platform to showcase your institution to a well targeted audience.

Image of Lithuanian parliament in Vilnius. Vilnius is of the International Education Fairs Lithuania
September, 2023
10:00 - 18:00
Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe

International Education Fairs Lithuania

Welcome to the 20th annual International Education Fairs in Lithuania. This student recruitment event takes you to Lithuania's main student city: Vilnius. Suburbs included, the Vilnius region is home to well over 60,000 students. This is the largest specialized student recruitment event in Lithuania. ...

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Market Report Lithuania. The Lithuanian study abroad market

Market report Lithuania

Lithuania is a the 3rd Baltic country, situated to the south of Latvia, bordering Poland and Belarus. Lithuania has a high-income advanced economy with a very high Human Development Index. Lithuania has the largest economy of the Baltics. Lithuania is a modern economy with a global mindset, and a lot of international companies have offices in the country. […]


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