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Find education fairs in Estonia. The Baltic region in general and Estonia in particular have a long tradition of providing high-quality education. According to the OECD, Estonia is outperforming most other European countries in the PISA ranking. Estonia’s performance is the result of years of investments in its educational system. A recent poll by the non-profit organization ‘Dream Foundation’, showed that over 60 percent of Estonian students would like to study at a foreign university. Foreign language courses are becoming increasingly popular among people of different ages and occupations. We see this reflected in the number of Estonian students studying abroad. This number is growing steadily. Close to 4,000 Estonian students are studying overseas. Our education fairs in Estonia are targeted at college, bachelor, master and graduate student recruitment.

View of Talliin from above. Tallin is home of the International Education Fair Tallinn Estonia
March, 2024
10:00 - 18:00
Tallinn, Estonia, Europe

International Education Fair Tallinn Estonia

This your invitation for the 21th annual International Education Fair in Tallinn - Estonia. This year we look forward to welcoming around 4,000 high school, college and university students from the wider Tallinn region. We plan to bring them into contact with 50+ universities from 12 countries. ...

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Market Report Estonia. The Estonian study abroad market

Market report Estonia

Education is often said to be the corner stone of the economy and society as a whole. Few people would guess that Estonia is a role model when it comes to education and the economy. Estonia is a small Baltic republic with a capita income of 14,000 dollars a year, just over half of Italy’s figure of 25,000 dollars. And on closer inspection, […]


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