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Private School Fair Moscow Russia

Private School Fair Moscow Russia - Event Details

We are pleased to invite you to the 5th edition of the Private School Fair in Moscow Russia. This event is targeted at schoolchildren and their parents looking for international boarding schools as well as summer and language programs.

+ Private School Fair Moscow Russia - Event Description

The Private School Fair in Moscow is an excellent opportunity to meet with parents who have their sights set at the very best education for their children. Our knowledge of the Russian market and years of experience working with local boarding and private schools help to create the perfect event.

Interest in top quality secondary education abroad in Russia grows every year. Russian GDP and family incomes have risen sharply over the past decade. More and more parents are therefore looking for the best education for their kids. The demand for overseas internatonal IB and college and bachelor education is booming. The number of Russian students at private schools abroad has increased by 30% over the last 5 years.

The  Private School fair in Moscow offers a unique opportunity to provide them with first-hand information about your school, programs, tuition fees, housing, electives, and more. For many of the families, individual consultation is an important step before making their final decision.

Reasons to exhibit
An opportunity to meet serious prospective students and parents
A personalized ad campaign (search and banner ads) for your school to reach an even more targeted audience
A minimum of 30 unique leads per school on average
A chance to create or expand brand awareness for your school in Moscow
An opportunity to visit Moscow's schools

+ Private School Fair Moscow Russia - Visitor Info

There were 370 registrations for the 2019 edition of this event: parents and their children (125 families).

+ Private School Fair Moscow Russia - Participants

Particpants of the 2019 event included:

EF Academy (USA)
North Cedar Academy (USA)
Les Effes Verbier - Swiss
Rahn Education - Germany
Riga Technical University Summer Programs - Latvia
Star Academy - Russia
Tour Boutique Moscow - Russia
Crimson Global Academy - online

Please contact us for a complete list of participants


+ Private School Fair Moscow Russia - Exhibitor Info

Latest Russian Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics 2020)
At this point a total of 56,659 Russian students are studying abroad in tertiary education. These are the most popular study abraod destinations for Russian students:

Germany - 9,620 students
Czech - 5,979 
USA - 5,081students
UK - 3,920 students
France - 3,691 students
Finland - 2,733 students
Italy - 2,303 students
Belarus - 1,952 students
Kyrgyzstan - 1,535 students
Canada - 1,497 students
Austria - 1,390 students
Turkey - 1,376 students
Armenia - 1,255 

Russia Education Market information
For detailed information about the Russian Study Abroad Market, download the Russia Study Abroad Market Update 2020. In this toolkit you will find information about:

- Russian education system
- Number of students abroad, areas of interest, destination countries etc.
- Your competitors in Russia
- Social media usage and online marketing opportunities
- Scholarships for Russian students

Private School Fair Moscow Russia - Registration

If you would like a price quote for this event or if you would like detailed information, please fill out the registration form below. Submitting this form is obligation free!

Contact info

Institution name:
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Booth and exhibitor options

Participation - 2800 EUR


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