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International Student Fair Lima Peru

International Student Fair Lima Peru - Event Details

The International Student Fair Lima Peru is part of the South American Tour which is being organized for the 20th time this year. This 2 day event is the leading international student recruitment fair in Spanish-speaking Latin America. This tour is being endorsed by key scholarship agencies, local consulates and universities so as to ensure that you will meet quality students who have the academic and financial ability to study overseas.

+ International Student Fair Lima Peru - Event Description

The International Student Fair Lima - Peru is part of the South American International Student Education Fair Tour. Other stops are in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.

For a number of years now, this event is the biggest student recruitment tour in Latin America. With over 250 exhibitors, the event offers students from Peru a wide variety of study abroad and academic exchange opportunities.

The programs on display range from international bachelor and master programs to Graduate. LLM and MBA courses abroad. Students will have the opportunity to be in direct contact with representatives and directors of international institutions, with simultaneous translation by former exchange students who have studied abroad. Besides information on study possibilities abroad, students will find information on flights, visas, accommodation type, health insurance, foreign exchange, student ID and also seminars or lectures on how to have a successful international experience.

International universities may look forward to meeting up to 4,000 carefully targeted Peruvian students at the Internatonal Student Fair in Lima - Peru.

Why recruit in Peru?
The Peruvian economy has experienced a boom in recent years and as a result, there has been increasing interest in Peru as a student recruitment market. Education institutions have increased their engagement in Peru’s capital city Lima since the government launched the “Pronabec Becas de la República” program – a government initiative to increase funding for postgraduate courses.

The government in Peru has, over the last few years, made a whole range of scholarship programs available, some of which have had a very positive effect on student mobility. With Peru developing well economically and becoming more outward looking in its quest to develop human capital, it is an exciting time to be recruiting in Peru. Mark your calendars and be sure to join us in both spring and autumn to solidify your brand presence in this emerging market.  

+ International Student Fair Lima Peru - Visitor Info

Detailed Visitor Statistics for the previous event
Lima: 3,500

When students plan to study abroad
within 3 months: 5%
3 - 6 months: 19%
in 6 months to 1 year: 42%
in 1 year or more:  34%

Courses of interest
Masters: 82%
Certificate/diploma courses: 24%
Language courses: 22%
MBA programs: 17%
Executive programs: 12%
PhD: 3%

Where do students want to study?
USA: 46%
UK: 36%
Canada: 31%
Germany: 29%
Australia: 28%
Spain: 26%
France: 25%
Italy: 15%
New Zealand: 14%
Holland: 13%
Scandinavia: 12%
Swiss: 7%

+ International Student Fair Lima Peru - Exhibitor Info

Latest Peruvian Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
In 2018 a total number of 30,591 students from Peru were studying abroad for a degree in higher education. The most popular study abroad destinations among students from Peru are:

Argentina - 14,772
USA - 2,953
Italy - 2,289
Spain - 2,105
Brazil - 1,437
Chile - 1,214
France - 860
Australia - 477
UK - 369
Colombia - 322
Ecuador - 229
Canada - 204

Peru education facts
High School graduates enrolled in Tertiary Education: 43%
2.2 million students enrolled in universities
The middle class in Peru spends more on education (13%) than the middle class in countries like Colombia or Chile (7-8%)
Popular destinations for students: Spain, USA, Cuba, Chile and Italy
Main markets for student recruitment: Lima and Arequipa
Pronabec scholarship program funds students for master and PhD programs in 400 universities of 52 countries
In the 2012-2013 period, there was 1,039 peruvian students studying in France, 77% were enrolled in university

Peru Economic facts
Population: 30 million
GDP growth: 6.3%
Inflation rate: 2.8%
Public expenditure on education GDP: 2.8%

Peru General Market info
Peru experienced the highest GDP growth among all South American countries in 2012.
Peru has a population of over 29.5 million people.
50 %of the Peruvian population is under 25 years old (source: CEPAL 2007)
40% of the population is under 19 (source: CEPAL 2007)
The literacy rate for people above the age of 15 is 93.5%.
Event in Peru is supported by PRONABEC – Peru’s government backed scholarship and loan program.
The event will attract high-quality, pre-screened students, parents and executives planning to study abroad in the near future.
Peru has an estimated of 100 universities – almost 50% are private universities.
In 2015, over 900,000 students were estimated to be studying at a university.
University enrolment increased by 69% between 2006 and 2011.

International Student Fair Lima Peru - Registration

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