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International Education Fair Malaysia

International Education Fair Malaysia - Event Details

Welcome to the 46th edition of the International Education Fair in Malaysia. With over 500 international exhibitors and 100,000+ visitors, this is without a doubt the largest and best known education recruitment fair in South East Asia. You cannot afford to miss this event if your school is looking to recruit Malaysian students for international college, bachelor, master, MBA or post graduate programs.

+ International Education Fair Malaysia - Event Description

The International Education Fair Tour thru Malaysia has stops in 6 cities. The biggest and best known event on the tour is the education fair in Malaysia.

Reasons to attend
There are so many reasons to be part of the International Education Fair Malaysia. The event has proven year after year to be the most effective platform to recruit Malaysian students. A loyal base of participating univeristies from over 40 countries are proof of this claim. The event is recognized and sponsored by the Malaysian Government and various study abroad organizations.

Great timing
As the largest education fair in the country and one of the biggest in South East Asia, this event is superbly timed around the release of school exam results (SPM, STPM). Google search statistics show that students and parents are eagerly collecting  information on further education opportunities. University bachelor and master students too are using this time of year to gather information about studying possibilities for the upcoming academic year.

Thousands looking to study abroad
It has been reported widely that 135,000 school leavers applied for just 70,000 places in public universities in 2018, with 4,000 students waving straight As on their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). SPM is the Malaysian high school leaving certificate, equivalent to the British General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and O-Levels. As a result, thousands of Malaysian students opt for studying abroad anually.

For many students, a visit to the education exhibition marks a new phase in their life. This is where they made their decisions not only on the choice of their program, but also the education institutions to help them build their future. For others, the fair is a place for them to gather information to help them make an informed choice for their educational needs.

Where important decisions are made
For many students, a visit to this education Fair marks a new phase in their life. This is where decisions will be made not only on the choice of their program, but also the education institutions to help them build their future. For others, the International Education Fair Malaysia is a place for them to gather information to help them make an informed choice for their educational needs.

The fair that speaks for itself
With a superb track record since its inception in 1990, the International Education Fair Malaysiais now recognized by the education industry as one of the most effective platform to promote and disseminate information on courses offered by renowned institutions of higher learning. In previous years, the Fair has attracted more than 700 participating and represented institutions from Malaysia and overseas. It has also attracted international groups of institutions from China, Germany, Japan, Singapore and USA, underlining the recognition of the event. That's not all, with an average visitorship of 85,000, the International Education Fair Malaysia Fair is not only one of the largest but also best visited show in Malaysia.

Recognition and supprt from Education Ministry and Media
The Fair is officially supported by the Ministries of Education and Higher Education in recognition for its success and contributions to the education sector. Fully supported by major English and Chinese media, the Fair will be regularly featured.

Malaysian Government Scholarship Program
The Malaysian Government supports education and learning in multiple ways. The Malaysian National Higher Education Fund allocated RM19.06 billion as loans for 982,066 students. These funds are also intended for students planning to study abroad.

The International Education Fair Malaysia is regularly attended by top international universities from China, Germany, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Neterlands, Singapore, UK, Canada ad a range of other countries.

+ International Education Fair Malaysia - Event Program

The event has several country pavilions as well as various seminar rooms. At the previous edition there were over 24 university presentations divided over 3 seminar rooms. There was a Korea and a UK pavilion. Various universities belonging to 1 country are being clustered in order to increase country awareness.

Interested in setting up a country pavilion or giving an university/company presentation? Please let us know.

+ International Education Fair Malaysia - Visitor Info

Attendance information
The previous edition of the International Education Fair in Malaysia attracted close to 100,000 students, making it of the largest education events in South East Asia.

Kuala Lumpur
2018 event: 68.700 visitors (in 2 days)
2017 event: 98.896 visitors (in 2 days)
2016 event: 66.450 visitors (in 2 days)

2018 event: 2.419 visitors
2017 event: 2.312 visitors
2016 event: 1.215 visitors

Alor Setar
2018 event: 1.402 visitors
2017 event: 1.448 visitors
2016 event: 623 visitors

2017 events: 1.812 visitors
2016 events: 1.749 visitors
2015 event: 2.512 visitors

2018 event: 1.044 visitors
2017 event: 1.085 visitors
2016 event: 1.245 visitors

Johor Bahru
2018 event: 19.600 visitors (in 2 days)
2017 event: 20.350 visitors (in 2 days)
2016 event: 16.400 visitors (in 2 days)

+ International Education Fair Malaysia - Participants

Previous editions of the International Education Fair in Malaysia attracted over 200 exhibiting institutions from Malyasia, the wider Pan-Asian region, Europe, UK, the US and many more countries around the world. As such it is the most popular and best visited event in the country.

Participants of the December 2018 event included:
University of Strathclyde - UK
University of Kent - UK
Osaka University - Japan
Kyoto University - Japan
Tokyo Metropolitan University - Japan
Embassy of Japan
Ritsumeikan University - Korea
Changwon National University - Korea
DAAD - Germany
National University of Singapore - Singapore
Xiamen University - Malaysia
LeCordon Bleu - Malaysia
Raffles University - Malaysia
AIMST University - Malaysia
Future Academy - Australia
Singapore Management University - Singapore

and many many more international school, colleges, universities and research institutes.

+ International Education Fair Malaysia - Testimonials

Brickfileds Asia College Mr William Jacques
“The International education Fair has come a long way. Today, the qualities of the patrons are a better than previous years. The outstations experience was a surprising one and has opened our eyes to greater possibilities. Thank you and congratulations on a job well done.”

Taylor’s College Ms Susan Ooi Senior Vice President, National Marketing
“We are happy with the turn out at the Education Fair. Many students came to our booth to enquire on Taylor’s programmes and the intakes for this year. Most of these students are school leavers, however we are also pleased to note that there are current secondary school students who have started obtaining information on higher education this early.

International Medical University Ms Low Shu Shian Manager
“We’ve participated in the International Education Fair for many years and we often find the ROI for this fair is good. The event is well-planned and most importantly it attracts many quality visitors.”


+ International Education Fair Malaysia - Exhibitor Info

With more than 22 years of experience in organizing exhibitions in the region and after 38 highly successful education shows since 1990, we are now once again inviting renowned institutions of higher learning to join our 44th International Education Fair in the spring of 2019!

Marketing Campaign
International Education Fair Malaysia is known for its renowned aggressive and effective publicity campaign. Officially supported by major media such as The New Straits Times (English), Nanyang Siang Pau (Chinese) and Kwong Wah Yit Poh (Chinese), the Fair will be regularly featured in these printed media. Together with other forms of promotion such as :

* Advertisements in Radio stations (English, Chinese & Malay stations)
* Billboards * Buntings
* Direct mails * Education supplements
* Organized groups from schools
* Posters * Printed advertisements (English, Chinese & Malay media)
* Press releases * Radio contests

It will reach out to your targeted visitors such as students, school leavers, young working adults, parents and school counselors, etc.

Latest Malaysian Study Abroad Data (UNESCO)
Malaysia is both modern and traditional, and the country proudly boasts five universities appearing in the QS World University Rankings. Efforts have been made to encourage private sector's involvement in providing industry-relevant education so that Malaysia can become the world's 6th biggest education exporting country by 2020 with a target of 200,000 international students.

In 2018 a total number of 64,480 students from Malaysia were studying abroad (for or as part of a degree in higher education) according to UNESCO Institute for Statistics. The most popular destinations are:

UK - 17,360
Australia - 15,113
USA - 8,446
Egypt - 4,556
Japan - 2,245
Russia - 2,038
Jordan - 1,890
India - 1,638
New Zealand - 1,479
Ireland - 1,468
Canada - 1.224
France - 948
Germany - 745
Saudi Arabia - 590
Korea - 456
China - 341

Malaysian Education System
General secondary education lasts 7 years and is divided into 2 stages: junior + senior secondary and pre - university. Junior secondary education lasts 3 years, at the end of which pupils take the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (junior secondary school test). National Type Chinese/Tamil School pupils attend an additional year at a ‘remove class’ before entering Malaysian medium junior secondary school.

In the 2 years of senior secondary education pupils choose one of 12 subject clusters, all of which include the core subjects Malay, English, mathematics, physics, history and geography. In addition to these, there are a numbe r of electives. The minimum number of subjects that can be taken is 8. At the end of senior secondary school, pupils take the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ( SPM ) Open Certification Examination (Malaysian Certificate of Education).  

The Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia and Matriculation Certificate grant access to bachelor’s programmes at public higher education institutions. Prospective students are assigned places by the Unit Pusat Universiti , the Central University Unit. A quota system is in place which ensures that a significant percentage of students come from the Malaysian ethnic group (Bumiputra). This was one of the reasons why the demand from Chinese and Tamil students for private education increase.

Programs at universities and university colleges lead to bachelor’s deg rees, master’s degrees and PhDs . Polytechnics and community colleges both offer technical and professional programs leading to a Diploma or a Certificate.

Malaysia Education Market information
For detailed information about the Malaysian Study Abroad Market, download the Malaysia Education Fair Toolkit. In this toolkit you will find information about:

- Number of students abroad, areas of interest, destination countries etc.
- Your competitors in Malaysia
- How to reach Malaysian students (popular websites, online behaviour, marketing opportunities)
- Online marketing trends (focussing on hoger education)
- Scholarships for Malaysian students

You will find the Malaysia Education Fair Toolkit to be a useful source of information when you are looking to recruit Malaysian students.


International Education Fair Malaysia - Registration

If you would like a price quote for this event or if you would like detailed information, please fill out the registration form below. Submitting this form is obligation free!

Contact info

Institution name:
Institution web address:
City Zipcode:
Contact name:
Contact email:

Booth and exhibitor options

Standard 9 2m equipped booth at Kuala Lumpur event* - 1590 USD
Standard Booth at Johor Bahru event* - 1292 USD
Exhibitor table in another city - 625 USD
I would like a price quote for the entire tour

An equipped booth consists of: 1 desk, 2 chairs, 2 fluorescent lights, 1 waste paper basket, 1 no. of 13amps outlet, carpet, partitions, fascia board with institution’s name and booth no.

Should your institution/company wish to upgrade the equipped booth, please let us know.


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