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China Education Fair

China Education Fair - Event Details

China Education Fair
Xiamen Institute of Technology
Start date
Friday, 03-Nov-2017 starts 10:00
End date
Friday, 05-Oct-2018 ends 18:00
Target Audience
High school, College, Bachelor, Master, PhD, Professional, MBA, Graduate
Price (as of)
280 USD
You are cordially invited to join the very first China Education Fair in Xiamen, China. This event is the only exposition concentrated on promoting foreign education in Fujian Province, China.

+ China Education Fair - Event Description

The China Education Fair takes place in Xiamen, which is surrounded by populous cities, with a total estimated population of 25 million people in a close radius. The primary goal of this event is to promote national and international universities, colleges and business schools, resulting in the recruitment of Chinese students.

The China Education Fair is being organized in close cooperation with NAFSA, USA Study Applications, Academy Universal, Global Teachers Group and other leading domestic and international firms and organizations.

Among the attendees are: Consultate General of the USA in Canton, Embassy of Poland in Beijing, Embassy of Greece in Beijing, Consultate General of Singapore in Xiamen, Philippine Consultate General in Xiamen and the Royal Thai Consulate General in Xiamen.

Strong Points
- perfect timing: the China Education Fair takes place early November. Well before the final exams so that students have anough time to prepare for their studies abroad.

- high quality service: besides booth registration and set up, the organizers can assist you with student recrutiment, establishing relationships between your school and Chinese Universities, and help organize networking events.

- Great location: Xiamen is an up and coming student city. This is your chance to tap into this city's great potential.

Xiamen City
Population: 3,860,000
High school graduates in 2015: 189,300
Xiamen students in total: 918,000
Travel marks: Gulang Island, Xiamen University, Huandao Road, Nanputo Temple

+ China Education Fair - Visitor Info

The China Education Fair has the following target audience:

Middle school, high school and university students from Fujian Province
Adults seeking for education opportunities for themselves and relatives
Schools and education institutes seeking for cooperation with abroad
Officially approved education service agencies
Professionals working for international education exchanges
Researchers of education development
Representatives of education funds
Official education delegations from other countries

+ China Education Fair - Participants

You may expect the following types of institutions to take part:

Foreign and local colleges and universities
Foreign high schools
Language training schools
Governmental organizations
Embassies and consulates
Student services providers
Education associations

+ China Education Fair - Exhibitor Info

Participation Guide
Early bird discount period ends 30 May 217
Application period ends 30 September 2017

Chinese higher education study abroad data
China is the world's largest sending nation in  terms of student number. In 2014-2015 a total number 712,157 Chinese students were studying abroad (for or as part of a degree in higher education) according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. The most popular study abroad destinations are:

USA - 225,474
Japan - 89,788
Australia - 87,980
UK - 81,776
Korea - 38,109
Canada - 34,602
Hong Kong - 25,801
France - 25,234
Germany - 19,441
New Zealand - 12,219
Macao - 10,367
Italy - 9788
Thailand - 8,444
Netherlands - 4,638

Chinese Education System
To be admitted to university, Chinese students need to take the 高考 gaokao; the National Entrance Examination.To take part in the entrance examination, students must have a senior middle school graduation certificate, sometimes also translated as ‘general secondary education certificate’ (gaozhong).

Higher education is offered at institutions that call themselves ‘university’, ‘college’ or ‘school’. These include degree-awarding institutions (including several hundred research institutes), specialised institutions, professional universities, military institutions, medical schools and colleges (both regular and military), and executive training schools, which train staff for state-run companies and ministries.

Institutions that operate directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Education are the most prestigious (such as Peking University and Tsinghua University). The concepts of ‘college’ (学院 xueyuan) and ‘university’ (大学 daxue) are sometimes used interchangeably, yet ‘college’ usually implies a less prestigious institution than a university. The Chinese word for ‘university' (大学 daxue) is sometimes also translated as 'college'.

Bachelor and Master
Bachelor A bachelor’s degree (学士学位 xueshi xuewei) is awarded at the conclusion of a 4-year undergraduate programme (benke) at a higher education institution the nominal length of programmes in Medicine, traditional Chinese Medicine, Architecture and some Engineering and Music programmes is 5 years.

A master’s degree (硕士学位 shuoshi xuewei) takes 2 to 3 years to complete, half of which is devoted to coursework (on which students are examined) and the other half to writing the final paper. Admission is granted based on a bachelor’s degree and an entrance examination.

China Education Market information
For detailed information about the Chinese Study Abroad Market, download the China Study abroad Market Update. In this toolkit you will find information about:

- Number of students abroad, areas of interest, destination countries etc.
- Your competitors in China
- Working woth agents in China
- How to reach Chinese students (popular websites, online behaviour, marketing opportunities)
- Online marketing trends in China (focussing on hoger education)

You will find the China Study abroad Market Update. to be a useful source of information when you are looking to recruit students from China.

China Education Fair - Registration

If you would like a price quote for this event or if you would like detailed information, please fill out the registration form below. Submitting this form is obligation free!

Contact info

Institution name:
Institution web address:
City Zipcode:
Contact name:
Contact email:

Booth and exhibitor options

Standard Booth - 9sqm - 2000 USD
Double Standard Booth - 18sqm - 3800 USD
Raw Space (minimal size 36sqm) per sqm - 280 USD
Table Booth - 1000 USD

Optional extra's

Send me advertising options
Translation service (as of) for 3 days - 299.00 USD
Hotel accommodation


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