Nuremberg, Germany, Europe

Location 2

Berlin, Germany, Europe

Location 3

Cologne, Germany, Europe

Location 4

Düsseldorf, Germany, Europe

Location 5

Frankfurt, Germany, Europe

Location 6

Hamburg, Germany, Europe

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Hanover, Germany, Europe

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Leipzig, Germany, Europe

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Munich, Germany, Europe

Location 10

Munster, Germany, Europe

Location 11

Stuttgart, Germany, Europe


Apr 29 2022 - May 03 2023


10:00 - 16:00


2800 EUR

Inspiring German students to take control of their international study ambitions. That is the aim of the 18th annual Master Education Fairs Germany tour. This graduate student recruitment fair has stops in 11 major German student cities. Cities can be booked individually.

Master Education Fairs Germany

2,500 visiting students per city

Visitors include

University students looking for master, MBA, LLM and professional study programs in Germany and abroad

Although Germany is internationalizing its curriculum there still is a serious lack of English taught master programs.

Why take part in the Master Education Fairs Germany?

The Master Education Fair tour thru Germany has stops in Nuremberg, Leipzig, Hanover, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Munster.

This education recruitment tour is targeted at prospective master, MBA and LLM students. Exhibiting at this event will allow universities to meet face to face with talented and well-targeted German students who are looking for studies abroad.

Visitors are requested to register online prior to the education fair. This enables universities to work on an appointment basis which increases the quality of the conversation with students. Additionally, exhibitors are welcome to book a 20-minute time slot in our presentation program to promote their institution and programs to a bigger group of visitors.

Cities and events can be booked separately. See the registration section for details.

Master Education Fairs Germany – Event Format

Presentations held by exhibitors and experts from the field of higher education give visitors the chance to inform themselves about topics like graduate programs, studying abroad, university rankings, etc. The exhibition is accompanied by a exhibition program in which academic and expert presentations are delivered on topics such as master degrees abroad, application, funding, starting salaries and much more.

Pricing information

2800 EUR
  • Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Master Education Fairs in Germany
  • Price per city - 2800 euro
  • Attendance for 2 people

Your registration includes:

9m² booth, customized exhibitor booth


Entry in the exhibitor index (online/offline) and website listing

Catering for two persons

Event Itinerary & set up

Event Itinerary – Master Education Fairs Germany

29 April 2022 – Düsseldorf
Location: BonBon

6 May 2022 – Nuremberg
Location: Ofenwerk

4 November 2022 – Cologne
Location: Palladium

18 November 2022 – Stuttgart

Location: International Congress Center

26 November 2022
 – Frankfurt
Location: Goethe University

30 November 2022 – Berlin

Location: Arena Berlin

2 December 2022 – Hamburg
Location: Edel Optics Arena

20 January 2023 – Munich

Location: MTC World of Fashion

25 January 2023 – Hanover
Location: HCC Glashalle

28 January 2023 – Munster

Location: Mensa am Ring

3 May 2023
 – Leipzig
Location: Pentahotel


Event set up

Attend university presentations, find out all the information about different education systems and the latest enrollment information

Costs and Scholarships
Got your study expenses covered? You may be eligible for scholarships, stipends or other forms of study allowances. Talk to the experts.

You will need a place to stay. But how to secure a place to live. Talk to people who know the local situation in your coutry of interest.

Visa information
Get the latest information on travel documents, visas etc.

Meet up with university admission specialists. Get a provisional letter of admission!


Talk to travel and education specialists. If you go abroad….better be prepared!



Visitor info – Master Education Fairs Germany

Fair statistics

64% of all visitors are aged between 22 and 25

Booths visited
Visitors visit an average of 6 booths at the fair

Duration of stay at the fair
69% of all visitors have stayed at the fair for more than 2 hours

Start of studies
82% of all visitors plan to start their master studies within 12 months of visiting the fair

Courses of interest
Business and Economics
Cultural Sciences and Humanities
Media Studies
Social and Behavioural Sciences

*As the questionnaire was a multiple choice one, the total of percentage is exceeding 100%. 

Exhibitor info

German Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
At this point a total number of 122,195 German students are studying abroad. The outbound mobility rate of German students is 4,8%. These are the most popular study abroad countries:

Popular study destinations among German students
Austria - 28,474
Netherlands - 22,656
UK - 13,220
Swiss - 11,266
USA - 6,944

France - 6,428

Participants – Master Education Fairs Germany

Previous editions of the Master Education Fairs in Germany have been attended by some of the world’s leading international universities, colleges and business schools, including:

Cologne Business School
Aarhus University
King’s College London
University of Limmerick
Hult International Business School

Pre-registration form

    If you would like a price quote for this event or if you would like detailed information, please fill out the registration form below. Submitting this form is obligation free!

    Booth and exhibitor options
    Nuremberg - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Leipzig - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Hanover - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Düsseldorf - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Cologne - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Stuttgart - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Frankfurt - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Berlin - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Hamburg - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Munich - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR
    Munster - Fully equipped exhibitor booth - 2800 EUR

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