Budapest, Hungary, Europe


Dec 08 2020


13:00 - 17:00


2800 EUR

The Master education fair in Budapest Hungary is expected to attract 2,500 visitors and 75 international exhibitors. This event is aimed at the recruitment of master, mba and post graduate students. The exhibition will feature one-on-one sessions, presentations, discussions and much more.

No. of visitors

Education Fair Budapest - 2,500

Visitors include

University graduates from Budapest looking for master, MBA, LLM and graduate programs abroad

Budapest is home to 58 institutions of higher education. 35 of them are universities and colleges.

Why take part in the Master Education Fair Budapest?

The Master Education Fair Budapest Hungary gives prospective graduate students the opportunity to get in touch directly with domestic and foreign universities. Visitors register online prior to the fair given the option to make appointments with specific universities as well as to sign up for presentations.

Presentations held by exhibitors and experts from the field of higher education give visitors the chance to inform themselves about topics like graduate programs, studying abroad, university rankings, etc. The exhibition is accompanied by an exhibition program in which academic and expert presentations are delivered on topics such as master degrees abroad, application, funding, starting salaries and much more.

The Hungarian student recruitment market

With the country population of over 9.7 mln people Budapest with almost 1.8 mln. inhabitants is the largest city in Hungary and the 10th most populated city in the EU.

Study abroad interest among Hungarian students is increasing from year to year. According to Unesco, a total number of 12,275 students are studying outside Hungary. Numbers have reached around 13 300 students (not counting Erasmus mobility programs students). According to our research there is an increasing interest in all types of educational institutions: universities, independent schools, international colleges as well as in English language courses and summer camps.

The total number of students in the higher education system is 295,000. Hungary has 70 operating higher education institutions. Hungarian institutions of higher education have started the transformation toward the regulations of the Bologna system. In the new system, both colleges and universities may launch bachelor, master and PhD programs provided that the necessary requirements are fulfilled. This also means that all awarded degrees are equivalent and transferrable throughout the EU and many other countries.

Pricing information

2800 EUR
  • Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Budapest Master Education Fair - 2800 EUR

Your registration includes:

  • 9m² customized booth (with power supply and furniture)

  • participation + lunch for 2 people

  • Wi-Fi

  • Entry in the exhibitor index and a listing on the event website

Event Itinerary & set up

Event Itinerary – Master Education Fair Budapest

8 december 2020 – Budapest
Master Education Fair Budapest Hungary

13:00 – 17:00

Event set up

Attend university presentations, find out all the information about different education systems and the latest enrollment information

Costs and Scholarships
Got your study expenses covered? You may be eligible for scholarships, stipends or other forms of study allowances. Talk to the experts.

Meet up with university admission specialists. Get a provisional letter of admission!

How is the Master Education Fair Budapest marketed?

Promotional activities for the Master Education Fair Budapest
• Advertising in the mass media (leading newspapers, news portals, students’ and youth portals.
• TV News promotion
• Nationwide campaign in secondary schools, universities, language schools and other educational institutions
• Distribution of promotional materials: posters, leaflets; invitations distributed through youth organizations and libraries
• Newsletters and posters distributed to high schools, universities and other educational institutions
• Media promotion in cooperation with national television and radio
• Advertising campaign in leading newspapers, magazines and university publications
• Billboards and posters, leaflets distributed in Budapest and other cities
• Presentations in youth monthly magazines, several specialized guides and catalogues
• Various other PR activities and publicity in Hungary

Exhibitor info

Hungarian Students Studying Abroad in Higher Education (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
At this point a total number of 12,275 Hungarian students are studying abroad. These are the most popular study abroad destinations for Hungarian students:

Popular study destinations among Hungarian students
Austria - 2,221
UK - 2,099
Germany - 1,798
Denmark - 1,254
Netherlands - 756
United States - 688

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    Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Budapest Education Fair - 2800 EUR

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