London, United Kingdom, Europe


Apr 29 - 30 2024


10:00 - 18:00


5,000.00 *

The International Schools Forum UK 2024 provides an exclusive opportunity for you to meet with high school counsellors from some of the best international and private high schools from across the world. Hold meetings and network with school leaders who advise students and their parents on their future undergraduate studies.


Over 85 high school counsellors 

A selected number of university representatives

Focal Area

Undergraduate student recruitment. Networking event. 

Build your strategic student recruitment network worldwide. Meet with counselors and decision makers

Why join the International Schools Forum UK?

Students are going abroad at an ever younger age. They do so in order to study a language, gain international and cultural experience and to study a particular subject. Preparations for future studies start at high school. In fact, it has become part of the curriculum. Students and their parents often turn to high school counselors for help in the search for the university or college that best fits their needs.

This makes these counselors an invaluable asset for international institutions who are keen to understand market demand and tap into an influential audience early in the student journey.

Forge or strengthen ties with the best private and international schools around the world

The International Schools Forum will be attended by 85 senior study counsellors from the best schools around the world.  These counselors actively prepare and advise their students on the next stages of their academic careers. Each participating counsellor has been selected and specifically invited to the event, based on their school’s record of students traveling abroad and the quality of their education. 

Student counselors  represent schools from 
Africa and the Middle East – 35%
Europe – 20%
Asia – 20%
South America – 15%
North and Central America – 10%

Interested in taking part? Access is limited so let us know.

The student recruitment Networking event of the year

Each participating international education institution will be able to:

  • Target and pre-organise meetings with specific high school counsellors
  • Conduct 29 pre-scheduled private meetings with counsellors over 2 days
  • Network with all participating counsellors during the lunch & coffee breaks each day
  • Participate and network during the Cocktail Reception and Gala Dinner

Pricing information (as of)

  • Meeting schedule for 1 representative - 5000 USD
  • Meeting schedule for 2 representative - 6500 USD
  • 2 Meeting schedules for 2 representatives - 7500 USD

Benefit from

The International Schools Forum UK is a unique opportunity to establish and strengthen your global recruitment network

  • Quality Contacts: A diverse mix of more than 85 high school counselors from around the world

  • Have 29 private meetings in 2 days and network during the gala dinner and welcome cocktail

  • Create and solidify relationships throughout the event at various networking functions.

Event Itinerary & set up

Event Itinerary

29 April 2024 – London 
Day 1
Networking sessions: one on one meetings with high school counselors. 
Gala dinner

30 April 2024 – London
Day 2
One on one meetings with high school counselors. 

Event set up 

You will be networking with influential counselors  from in top private schools that offer an international curriculum and have a track record for sending sizable numbers of students and alumni abroad.

You’ll sit down to various 1 on 1 meetings, converse over coffee breaks, and enjoy a wonderful lunch – saving time by meeting new K-12 partners all in one location and maximizing your visit.

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    Booth and exhibitor options
    1 meeting schedule for 1 representative - 5000 USD
    1 meeting schedule for 2 representatives - 6500 USD
    2 meeting schedules for 2 representatives - 7500 USD

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