Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America


Mar 12 - 13 2024


10:00 - 17:00


2,500.00 *

The International Schools Forum in Brazil 2024 provides universities and colleges with a unique opportunity to connect with influential secondary school leaders from across Brazil. Hold meetings and network with school leaders who advise students and their parents on their future undergraduate studies.


Universities and colleges - 

Brazilian international school counselors and principals

Focal areas

Undergraduate student recruitment in Brazil. Networking event. 

Build your strategic student recruitment network in Brazil. Meet with counselors and decision makers

Why take part in the International Schools Forum Brazil? 

Students are going abroad at an ever younger age. They do so in order to study a language, gain international and cultural experience and to study a particular subject. In Brazil preparations for future studies start at high school. Students and their parents often turn to high school counselors for help in the search for the university or college that best fits their needs.

This makes these counselors an invaluable asset for international institutions who are keen to understand market demand and tap into an influential audience early in the student journey.

Unique Proposition

At the International Schools Forum you will be given an exclusive opportunity to meet over 50 counsellors and principals from renowned international and private high schools from all over Brazil.

Reinforce your brand and your unique educational offering with a focused opportunity to widen your network with influential principals and school counsellors who actively prepare and advise their students on the next stages of their academic career.


Combine the International Schools Forum with the Education Fair in Brazil to bolster your international student recruitment activities. This event takes place from 12 to 23 March and takes you to Brazil’s main student cities: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte and Salvador.

Brazil’s student recruitment market

* The demand for quality university education in Brazil is far greater that the supply. The best chances of furthering education are more likely to be found abroad.
* Brazil is known for its quality secondary and tertiary education. 6,3% of GDP is spent on education. This is well above the OECD average.
* Brazilian students are highly mobile. Studying abroad and traveling are part of the culture. Many Brazilians have a second (mostly European) passport.
* The Brazilian government has set up a formidable scholarship program (PEC-G) that has already enabled  over 10,000 students to study abroad (degree seeking and exchange)

Pricing information (as of)

  • Meeting table at the International High Schools Forum - 2500 USD
  • Participation for 1 representative

Benefit from

The International Schools Forum is a unique opportunity to establish and strengthen your recruitment network in Brazil.

  • Quality Contacts: A diverse mix of more than 50 high school counselors from across Brazil

  • Have 15 private meetings in 1 day and network during the gala dinner and welcome cocktail

  • Create and solidify relationships throughout the event at various networking functions.

Event Itinerary & set up

Event Itinerary

12 March  2024
Sao Paulo
Networking dinner

13 March 2024
Sao Paulo
One on one meetings with high school counselors.

Event set up 

The event kicks off with a cocktail reception and dinner on the evening of the first day, facilitating a relaxed environment to mingle and network with this influential audience working in top private schools that offer an international curriculum and have a track record for sending sizable numbers of students and alumni abroad.

On the 2nd day, you’ll sit down to various 1 on 1 meetings, converse over coffee breaks, and enjoy a wonderful lunch – saving time by meeting new and current K-12 partners all in one location and maximizing your visit.

Exhibitor info

Latest Brazilian Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
At this point a total number of 81,882 Brazilian students are studying abroad for a higher education degree. The most popular study abroad destinations among students from Brazil are:

Popular study destinations among Brazilian students
Argentina - 18,663
Portugal - 15,373
USA - 15,245
Australia - 9,550
Canada - 4,770
Germany - 3,806

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    Participation for 1 person at the International Schools Forum Brazil - 2500 USD

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