Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Asia


Oct 03 2023


15:00 - 19:00


2,490.00 *

Over the course of the last decade the International Education Fair in Tashkent Uzbekistan has become synonymous with top notch  recruitment in this country. This is the place where thousands of students and their parents meet with international educators from around the world.

No. of visitors

Education Fair Tashkent - 2,000

Visitors include

High school leavers and university graduates from Tashkent Uzbekistan, looking for bachelor and master and MBA programs abroad.

35% of Uzbek students looking for studies abroad.

Why take part in the International Education Fair Tashkent Uzbekistan?

The aim of the International Education Fair Tashkent, Uzbekistan 2023 is to create a platform that promotes and stimulates cooperation in higher education and studying abroad. It is the place where students from the greater Tashkent area go to meet universities, colleges and school representatives.


For international institutions, this is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with potential students on face-to-face basis, give a clear image about students’ requirements, their potential and interests.

Participating universities and schools will also be able to expand their recruitment network by meeting up and discussing recent trends and developments with local study agents. The International Education Fair Tashkent is a one-stop education event for all schools serious about recruiting student from central Asia.

Visitor Registration – Education Fair Tashkent Uzbekistan

We have recently introduced a new, 3-step registration system. At Step 1, guests submit their contact information. At Step 2, they sign up to visit specific presentations at the fair. At Step 3, they can choose the exhibitors they would like to meet the most. That way, audience quality is ensured.

Pricing information

2490 EUR
  • Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Tashkent Education Fair - 2490 EUR

Your registration includes:

  • Exhibitor’s place at the fair (table set-up) at the 5-star venue

  • List of contacts who visited your stand

  • Airport taxi transfers

  • Discounted hotel rates and accommodation advice

Event Itinerary & set up – Uzbekistan Education Fair

Event Itinerary

3 October 2023 – Tashkent
15:00 – 19:00

International Education Fair Tashkent Uzbekistan

Location: International Hotel Tashkent

Traditional in-person education fair set up
Seminars, presentations, one on one consultations.

Event set up

Attend university presentations, find out all the information about different education systems and the latest enrollment information

Costs and Scholarships
Got your study expenses covered? You may be eligible for scholarships, stipends or other forms of study allowances. Talk to the experts.


Meet up with university admission specialists. Get a provisional letter of admission!

Visitor info – Uzbekistan Education Fair

Age of potential students
Age 11 - 15
Age 16 - 18
Age 19 - 22
Age 23 - 26
Age 27 - 35
Age over 36
Visitors profile
A-Level, IB
MA, MSc programs
MBA programs
Language courses

*As the questionnaire was a multiple choice one, the total of percentage is exceeding 100%. 

Exhibitor info

Latest Uzbekistan Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
At this point a total of 34,990 students from Uzbekistan are studying abroad in tertiary education. These are the most popular study abroad destinations for Uzbek students:

Popular study destinations among Uzbek students
Russia - 20,862
Kazakhstan - 3,768
Ukraine - 1,872
Korea - 1,716
Latvia - 1,025
Kyrgyzstan - 882

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    Booth and exhibitor options
    Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Tashkent Education Fair - 2490 EUR

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