Milan, Italy, Europe

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Rome, Italy, Europe


Apr 21 - 23 2022


10:00 - 18:00


1,890.00 *

Join  a steady group of exhibitors for the 2022 International Education Fair in Italy. Let us take you to Italy’s main student cities: Milan and Rome. This traditional, in-person edu fair is targeted at a broad range of study seekers: from  graduating high school students to university bachelor and master students looking for continuing studies overseas. 

No. of visitors per city

Expected no. of visitors Milan: 2,000
Expected no. of visitors Rome: 1,800

Visitors include

Graduating high school students and university students seeking bachelor, master and certificate  or training courses in Italy and abroad.

This in-person study abroad event is being organized in 5 star hotel venues in Milan and Rome

Why take part in the International Education Fair Italy?

The International Education Fair Italy takes place on 21 and 23 April 2022 in Milan and Rome. Thousands of students look forward to meeting face-to-face with representatives of international language schools and camps, secondary schools and colleges, universities, and business schools. This is the study abroad event of the year in Italy for students and schools alike.

Cities and events can be booked separately. See the registration section for details.

Education Fair in Milan

Our first stop is in Milan. With more than 250,000 students, Milan is one of the largest student cities in Italy. Milan is home to 22 international schools and 5 universities. These students are being targeted and encouraged to join this education fair. The event takes place at the 5 star Westin Palace Milan Hotel.On the agenda are seminars, workshops and one of one meetings and interviews.

Education Fair in Rome

On 23 April it is off to Rome, also known as the eternal city and one of the oldest study destinations in the world. Rome is home to 15 traditional universities and 18 international schools. The education fair takes place at the 5-star Westin Excelsior Rome Hotel.

Promotion for the Education Fair in Italy

The Italian Education Fair is being promoted by means of the following online and offline marketing activities in Rome, Milan and neighboring cities:

  • Advertising in the mass media (leading newspapers, news portals, students’ and youth portals.
  • TV News promotion
  • Targeted campaigns in secondary schools, universities, language schools and other educational institutions,
  • Distribution of promotional materials: posters, leaflets; invitations distributed through youth organizations and libraries,
  • Newsletters and posters distributed to high schools, universities and other educational institutions,
  • Media promotion in cooperation with national television and radio,
  • Advertising campaign in leading newspapers, magazines and university publications,
  • Billboards and posters , leaflets distributed in various location thru out Milan and Rome
  • Presentations in youth monthly magazines, several specialized guides and catalogues,
  • Various other PR activities.

Italy’s student recruitment market

The number of Italian students studying abroad is increasing steadily. At this point, nearly 78,000 Italian students are studying overseas for a bachelor or master degree or as an exchange student. Popular study destinations include: UK, Austria and Germany. There are a vast number of scholarships available to Italian students. The Erasmus+ program (an EU initiative) is such an example.

Pricing information (as of)

  • Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Milan Education Fair - 1890 EUR
  • Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Rome Education Fair - 1890 EUR
  • Participation fee does not include 21% VAT tax.
  • This 21% VAT surcharge applies to Non-EU VAT registered companies. It also applies to EU companies that are not VAT registered.
Your registration for the education Fair in Italy includes:
  • Exhibitor booth (workplace with electricity and Wi-Fi)

  • Participation for 1 person (+ name badge)

  • Promotion of the event and its participants

  • Entry in the exhibitor index

  • Evening reception & dinner according to the fair's plan

  • Coffee breaks and snacks

Event Itinerary & set up

Event Itinerary

Education Fair Milan – 21 April 2022

In-person education fair.
Location: Westin Palace 

8:00 – 10:00 – registration 
10:00 – 18:00 – meetings with visitors and workshops
19:00 – 22:00 – dinner

Education Fair Rome – 23 April 2022

In-person education fair.
Location: Westin Excelsior 

8:00 – 10:00 – registration 
10:00 – 18:00 – meetings with visitors and workshops
19:00 – 22:00 – dinner

Event set up (Milan and Rome)

Attend university presentations, find out all the information about different education systems and the latest enrollment information

Costs and Scholarships
Got your study expenses covered? You may be eligible for scholarships, stipends or other forms of study allowances. Talk to the experts.

You will need a place to stay. But how to secure a place to live. Talk to people who know the local situation in your country of interest.


Meet up with university admission specialists. Get a provisional letter of admission!

Exhibitor info

Italian Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
At this point a total number of 77,505 Italian students are studying abroad. These are the most popular study abroad destinations among students from Italy

Popular study destinations among Italian students
UK - 14,412
Austria - 8,984
India - 1,121
Germany - 8,405
France - 8,181
Spain - 6,682

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    Booth and exhibitor options

    Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Milan Education Fair - 1890 EUR
    Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Rome Education Fair - 1890 EUR

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