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Mar 10 2024


13:00 - 17:00


2,200.00 *

The International Education Fair Baku Azerbaijan 2024 is the first stop for many students who are considering to study abroad. Nowadays studying abroad is considered a social status marker for most Azeri families. At this event, you will meet well targeted and highly motivated students.

No. of visitors in Baku

2,155 visiting students

Visitors include

High school leavers and university graduates from Baku Azerbaijan, looking for bachelor and master and PhD programs abroad.

2,612 students received a SOFAZ (State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan) scholarship to study abroad.

International Education Fair Baku Azerbaijan

Welcome to Azerbaijan and the International Education Fair in Baku 2024. This event attracts the best and brightest students from local high schools, colleges and universities. Azerbaijan is one of the hottest study abroad markets in Asia, with a highly affluent population and a government that is actively promoting studies abroad. This is your chance to meet students and network with local agents. The most cost effective platform for student recruitment in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Education Fair Set Up 

Date: 10 March  2024
Venue: Hyatt Regency Baku

Traditional exhibitor booth set up. Participants will have their own booth with their school logo and can receive visitors there.

Opening hours: 13:00 – 17:00

Event program

  • one on one personal consultations
  • presentations
  • seminars

Visitor Registration – Education Fair Azerbaijan

We have recently introduced a new, 3-step registration system. At Step 1, guests submit their contact information. At Step 2, they sign up to visit specific presentations at the fair. At Step 3, they can choose the exhibitors they would like to meet the most. That way, audience quality is ensured.

Student recruitment in Azerbaijan

There are a number of reasons why Azerbaijan is one of the fastest growing student recruitment markets in Asia.  First of all, Azerbaijan’s Education Ministry is increasing donations to its Azerbaijan study abroad scholarship fund by 30%. This enables scores of students to study overseas. Because of its international outlook, Azerbaijan is attracting more and more international students. Azerbaijan is internationalizing its own classroom too. 

Azerbaijan has a very young population (30% is under the age of 20) that is very internationally oriented. Coupled with increasing economic prosperity (rising GDP) it should come as no surprise that study abroad numbers have soared the past decade. At this point  over 40,000 Azerbaijani students are studying abroad. Turkey and Russia are the most popular study destinations.

Pricing information

2200 EUR
  • Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Baku Education Fair - 2200 EUR

Your registration includes:

Exhibitor’s place at the fair (table set-up) at the 5-star venue:

  • Online promotion

  • List of contacts who pre-registered to visit your stand

  • Airport taxi transfers

  • Discounted hotel rates and accommodation advice

Visitor info – Azerbaijan Education Fair

Audience breakdown
Age 16 and under
Age 17 - 18
Age 19 - 20
Age 21 - 30
Age 31 and over
Courses of interest
Language Programs (Language only and Language+ Master/undergrad students)

Undergraduate Degrees
Master & Postgraduate Degrees
Summer Schools
High Schools

*As the questionnaire was a multiple choice one, the total of percentage is exceeding 100%.

Exhibitor info

Azerbaijan higher education study abroad data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
At this point a total number of 45,324 students from Azerbaijan are studying abroad for a degree in higher education. The most important student abroad destinations are:

Popular study destinations among Azeri students
Turkey - 21,069
Russia - 10,946
Ukraine- 4,375
Germany - 1,298
Georgia - 901
Hungary - 668


Previous editions of the International Education Fair in Baku Azerbaijan have been  attended by 39 institutions from 17 countries. Some of them leading international universities, colleges and business schools, including:

Montpellier Business School
University of Pecs
Moscow City University
Bahcesehir University - BAU
University of Warsaw

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    Booth and exhibitor options
    Fully equipped exhibitor booth at the Baku Education Fair - 2200 EUR

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