Istanbul, Turkey, Europe


Feb 04 - 06 2022


10:00 - 18:00


2,000.00 *

Join the International Agent Workshop in Istanbul Turkey to connect with local study agents and counselors and establish a recruitment network in Turkey and the wider region. Meet with over 150 pre-screened and accredited agents with years of experience in this past of the world..

Event highlights

150+ accredited study agents and counselors

Custom made event

Pre-schedule your meetings with the agents you want to talk to

Accredited Turkish study agents only: Academix, Atlas, Edcon, Egitimal, and Orbis

Why take part in the International Agent Workshop in Turkey?

The International Agent Workshop in Turkey is your opportunity to connect with all the major accredited study agents in the country: Academix, Atlas, Edcon, Egitimal and Orbis. We offer an exciting 3 day integrated program of networking sessions, dinners and lunches complemented by prescheduled meetings, allowing representatives to strengthen new relationships in a relaxed environment.

Agent workshop quick facts

  • 150+ participating agents and counsellors
  • Pre-scheduled business meetings with a group of counsellors from the same agency at once
  • Exciting program consisting of panel sessions, workshops, round table meetings, training, networking activities!
  • Boost your institution’s presence in Turkey by  establishing cooperations with the country’s best study agents.
  • Excellent addition to direct student recruitment activities in Turkey

Reasons to Recruit students from Turkey

  • 2 million Turkish students take the National University Placement Exam annually. Only 20% of them are placed in a university in Turkey. This is one of the major study abroad drivers.
  • The outbound mobility has been rising for the past 10 years with an average of 5%.
  • Rising GDP and excellent English lanaguage skills

Pricing information (as of)

  • Istanbul - International Agent Workshop - 2000 EUR
  • 4 - 6 February 2022
  • Participation for 1 person

Benefits of  participation

By joining this Study Agents Workshop you will:

  • Gain quality contacts. A diverse mix of more than 150 key agents from across Turkey.

  • Be part of a unique event set up that allows you to pre-schedule meetings

  • Gain access to one of Europe's best performing recruitment markets

Exhibitor info

Latest Turkish Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
At this point a total number of 47,628 students are studying abroad. These are the most popular study abroad destinations for students from Turkey:

Popular study destinations among Turkish students
USA - 9,354
Germany - 8,494
UK - 3,710
Ukraine - 2,284
Azerbaijan - 2,257
France - 2,007

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    Participation for 1 person in the International Agent Workshop EurAsia - 22 - 24 March 2022 - 1940 EUR

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