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Feb 23 - 26 2024


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Join the high school tour in Kazakhstan in 2024 and gain access to the country’s best public and private institutions and strengthen your undergraduate recruitment network.  You will be visiting carefully selected students and their parents at top schools in Astana and Almaty. Also, you will be connecting with local educators and school counsellors. Don’t miss this chance to combine student recruitment with quality networking,


High School Tour Kazakhstan
Almaty -  students, parents, counselors
Astana - students, parents, counselors


Meet students and parents lookig for undergraduate studies abroad

Tailor made undergraduate student recruitment

Why take part in the High School Tour in Kazakhstan?

We welcome you to the High School Tour in Kazakhstan. This event targets families that are looking for the best education for their children. Kazakhstan is one of the hottest study abroad markets in Asia, with a highly affluent population and a government that is actively promoting bachelor studies abroad. 

High School Tour – Undergraduate Recruitment

Bolster your undergraduate student recruitment by visiting various high schools in Astana and Almaty. These exclusive schools have been carefully selected for their, quality curriculum and their enthusiasm to proactively prepare their students for studying abroad in a bachelor or college program.

Quality networking

Widen your network with those who actively advise and prepare their secondary school students for higher education overseas:

  • Target and organise meetings with high school counsellors.
  • Create and solidify relationships at exceptional networking functions

See the registration section for details.


Ideal timing

The High School tour is timed in such a way that it connects seamlessly with the local academic calendar. While you are in Kazakhstan you may also decide to take part in the education fairs in Almaty and Astana. This way you will get the most out of your student recruitment travel

Student recruitment in Kazachstan

Kazakhstan has one of the youngest populations in central Asia and an increasingly international curriculum. The demand for quality education is driving the study abroad market. At this point some 85,000 Kazakh students are studying abroad. With the Bolashak Scholarship, the Kazakh Government is actively stimulating studies abroad, benefiting over 3,000 students a year.

Pricing information (as of)

  • Astana - high school visits - 1200 EUR
  • Almaty - high school visits - 1200 EUR

Your registration for the High School Tour in Kazakhstan includes: 

  • Online promotion

  • Networking

  • Taxi transfers

  • On campus promotion at top schools

  • Discounted hotel rates and accommodation advice

Event Itinerary & set up

Event Itinerary

Astana –  23 February 2024
12:00 – 16:00 
School visits and networking at top institutions in Astana.

Almaty –  26 February 2024
12:00 – 16:00 
School visits and networking at top institutions in Almaty.

Event set up

Costs and Scholarships
Got your study expenses covered? You may be eligible for scholarships, stipends or other forms of study allowances. Talk to the experts.


You will need a place to stay. But how to secure a place to live. Talk to people who know the local situation in your coutry of interest.

Visa information

Get the latest information on travel documents, visas etc.


Meet up with university admission specialists. Get a provisional letter of admission!

Exhibitor info

Kazakhstan higher education study abroad data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
At this point a total number of 89,292 students from Kazakhstan are studying abroad (for or as part of a degree in higher education) according to UNESCO Institute for Statistics. These are the most popular student abroad destinations among Kazakhstan students:

Popular study destinations among Kazakhstan students
Russia - 71,368
Turkey - 2,191
Kyrgyzstan- 2,083
USA - 1,792
Czech - 1,751
UK - 1,272

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    Astana - High school tour - 1200 EUR
    Almaty - High school tour - 1200 EUR

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