Middle East Scholarship Forum

Join the Middle East Scholarship Forum to meet with funding providers from the Gulf region and expand your student recruitment network. Connect with the heads of funding organizations from 7 Gulf countries. Find new educational partners and sign agreements to receive funded students for your institution.

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Global Scholarship Forum

Join the Global Scholarship Forum to meet with scholarship providers from across the global and expand your student recruitment network. This event draws in the heads of the largest scholarship programs in the world, including national and departmental government programs, national and private corporations, as well as universities and vocational scholarship providers.

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High School Tour Kazakhstan

Join the high school tour in Kazakhstan and gain access to the country's best public and private institutions and strengthen your recruitment network in one of Asia's hottest markets. You will be visiting carefully selected students and their parents at top schools in Astana and Almaty. Also, you will be connecting with local educators and school counsellors. Don't miss this chance to combine student recruitment with quality networking,

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International Education Fair Egypt

The International Education Fair in Cairo – Egypt 2023 is one of the most comprehensive student recruitment events in the country. This event targets a wide range of students that are looking to study abroad. From high school graduates looking for bachelor studies to university graduates looking for master and graduate programs overseas.

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Education Fairs Laos

Education fairs in Laos

Find education fairs in Laos. Let us take you to Vientiane, the nation’s capital and home to more than 150,000 students and 7 universities (public and private). At this point close to 8,500 Laos students are studying abroad in pursuit of a tertiary degree. Currently the vast majority go to Vietnam, but since recent years more and more Laos students go to other Asian and European countries.  We see Australia, the UK, and Hungary receiving more and more Laos students […]

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Education Fairs Armenia

Education fairs in Armenia

Find education fairs in Armenia. Let us take you to Armenia’s capital Yerevan home to 23 state universities and 21 private universities. Armenia has more than 170,000 students, the majority of which study in the nation’s capital city. At this point more than 6,500 Armenian students are studying abroad in pursuit of a tertiary degree. At this point the vast majority go to Russia, but since recent years Armenia has set its sight on Europe. We see the UK, France […]

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