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Search our database for all upcoming online, virtual and traditional in-person study fairs, private school fairs, and networking events around the world in 2024 and beyond. We have more than 100 events in over 90 different countries across 5 continents. We help you optimize and diversify your international student recruitment. We do so with traditional and online fairs and exhibitions, high school visits, networking events, agent workshops and scholarship summits. Whether you are looking to recruit young students for you IB program or language program, or whether you represent a business school looking for the ideal MBA candidate, we provide you with the opportunities to build, nurture and expand your student recruitment activities on a global scale. And if you are new to a specific recruitment market or wish to bolster your campaigns, we offer special networking events.

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We have been helping institutions recruit international students for more than a decade. Our education fairs bring you face to face with students in all the major and up and coming study abroad markets. From private school to graduate fairs, our events help you recruit the right students. Reluctant to travel because of COVID-19? We have taken a lot of study fairs online so you can have the right conversations with prospective students who are looking to pursue international studies abroad. Our online events are locally optimized and GDPR-compliant. You can engage students through online chat, audio or video calls, pdf downloads, videos and more.

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