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PhD program in Urban Management and Development

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS)

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies
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English (100%)
48 months
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Institute for International Education
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Program description

Since 1994, IHS has been offering a PhD program to researchers interested in pursuing an in-depth study of specific themes falling under the broad urban management & development and housing agendas.

The program offers a limited number of positions and candidates must express their interest by submitting a well-formulated research proposal and work plan. IHS guarantees a stimulating working environment and offers a flexible programme, with a variety of modalities available. However, PhD candidates are required to secure their own funding.

Everyone who is interested in getting a PhD at IHS/Erasmus University can apply. The tuition fee is 10.500 euro per year (supervision, working place, etc.). The PhD trajectory takes four years (on average). The PhD candidate must stay a reasonable amount of time at IHS (minimum of three months per year) to build up a good relationship with the promotor and IHS in order to give good and effective supervision. The other period of the year the applicant conducts research elsewhere (home country).


Urban Management and Development PhD Scholarships

Students who would like to pursue a PhD in Urban Management and Development will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top PhD degree at IHS.

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About the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

The Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) is an international centre of excellence of the School of Economics (ESE) and the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. IHS operates on a global scale by offering postgraduate education, training, advisory services and applied research.

IHS was selected as the winner for the 2007 UN-HABITAT Scroll of Honour Award for leading the way as a global center of excellence and knowledge through its high quality training programmes in housing, urban management and urban environmental management and planning.

In 2008 IHS celebrated its 50th anniversary of assisting countries, cities and institutions to find suitable approaches to housing and sustainable urban development, and strengthen their capacity to implement them.

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