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Medical Insurance

Study abroad in the Netherlands

Medical insurance

Medical care in The Netherlands is of the highest quality, but it is not free of charge. In fact, medical bills can be very expensive, especially if you do not have medical insurance. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to be adequately insured for medical costs. In fact, having a medical insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands. A medical insurance usually covers the costs of admission to hospital and medical treatment, medicines, visits to general practitioners and specialists.

What Medical Insurance Do You Need?

"There are a number of national policies pertaining to the issue of medical insurance. In short these policies describe 3 situations that might apply to you:
  1. You are planning on doing an internship or having a part time job in the Netherlands. You will need to take out a Netherlands Public Health insurance.
  2. You are not planning on working or doing an internship, and you are from the EU/EEA. Your medical insurance policy in your home country should cover your medical expenses in the Netherlands.
  3. You are not planning on working or doing an internship, and you are not from the EU/EEA. You will need to take out a private medical insurance to cover medical expenses in the Netherlands.

Please bear in mind that policies regarding medical insurance in the Netherlands are complex. The information provided on this website is not extensive or complete. For this reason, no rights can be obtained from it.

You are strongly advised to contact your university for information about medical insurance policies in the Netherlands.

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